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What is the best time to visit Kataragama?

The humid temperature of Sri Lanka barely varies, while having an average chance of rainfall. The annual temperature of Kataragama ranges from 32.6 degree Celsius in the morning to dropping around 26.1 degree Celsius at night. The winds are more or less moderate in the town considering its location. However, the warmest months are said to the ideal time to visit the city avoiding the season of monsoon and hence, early to mid-May, April, and July are the best months to plan a vacation to Kataragama and to witness the sacred ethnicity of the city and experience the serene views surrounding the town!

Weather in Kataragama


Upcoming Kataragama Weather

Monthly Weather in Kataragama

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 32°/ 22° 1 days
February 32°/ 22° 1 days
March 34°/ 22° 2 days
April 34°/ 23° 18 days
May 33°/ 25° 3 days
June 34°/ 25° 2 days
July 34°/ 25° 2 days
August 32°/ 24° 6 days
September 31°/ 24° 15 days
October 30°/ 23° 27 days
November 31°/ 23° 23 days
December 30°/ 23° 16 days

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