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Sar Pass Trek, Kasol Overview

Endowed with diverse terrain and rich in nature’s beauty, Sar Pass Trek is a perfect trek destination for beginners. Steeped in great beauty, the trail passes through thick forests, lush green meadows, rustic villages, and snow clad mountains gracing the backdrop.

Offering a range of experiences for trekkers, Sar Pass Trek, nestled in the perfect lands of Parvati Valley, is full of excitement and adventure. The trek commences from Kasol, a paradise for the trek lovers from all around the globe. The city is beautiful and offers all kinds of accommodation from budget hotels to high-end places and lots of delicious food serving restaurants. If you are looking for something thrilling yet easy, Sar Pass Trek is an ideal destination to begin your trek expedition.

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Food Availability

You will get tea at a stall while on the trek, but for the rest of the trek pack the essential food.


Sar Pass Trek does not offer any proper accommodation for the trekkers. Most of the tourists carry their own sleeping bags and tents.

Water Availability

You will have several options of clean water from the streams along the way. Also available at various stops is the tap water. However, it is suggested to well stock up water whenever the refilling option is available.

General tips and tricks

1. Make sure you carry warm clothes irrespective of the fact that what season you are travelling in.
2. Carry your own trekking gear and equipment and be always prepared.
3. Carry a medical aid kit and your usual medicines for the way.
4. A good pair of trekking shoes is a must.
5. Carry raingear no matter if you are travelling during monsoon season.
6. Make sure you obtain all the permits well in advance required for trekking in the region.
7. Make sure you carry spare batteries and film roll for the camera as there will be no electricity supply.
8. A well informed and trained guide is very important and do make sure to sort out all trivial things well in advance to avoid misunderstanding.

How to reach Sar Pass Trek

  • Rail: Kiratpur serves as the nearest railway station to Kasol. It is situated about 215 kms from the base camp. You can hire a cab or ride at bus to reach there.

  • Road: If you want to reach the base camp via road, then there are several bus services that ply from Delhi and Chandigarh till Bhuntar. Some buses also goes up to Manikaran, situated 5 kms ahead of Kasol from where you may take a cab or bus to reach your final destination. However, once you have reach Bhuntar, take a cab or a hitch a ride at bus to reach Kasol lying about 30 kms from here or a drive of one and a half hours.

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About Sar Pass Trek

Base Camp : Kasol

Difficulty : Easy Gradient

Highest point of trek : 13,800 feet/4250 m

Nearest Airport : Bhuntar

Nearest Railhead : 215 km

Region : Bapsa Valley, Kinnaur

Starting point of trek : Kasol


Day 1 : Kasol to Grahan

Distance: 10 kms , Duration: 4-5 hours

Arrive at Kasol and rest for a while. The trail from Kasol to Grahan is well laden following the Grahan nalah. Commencing from the center of the city, it keeps towards the true left of nalah. As you keep moving, you will pass through beautiful pine forests adorned with gushing streams. The trek is a simple walk which can be covered in matter of few hours. Soon, the lovely grass and shrubs will replace the trees giving a glimpse of fields and bright green tarpaulins. Smiling vendors and makeshift tea stalls will now welcome you, offering refreshments such as omelette, Maggi and very refreshing rhododendron syrup, locally known as ÔBurasÕ. The place looks like a heaven during spring when these flower are at their full bloom. You can also eat the whole flower, they taste a bit tangy. A steep ascent of an hour will finally lead you to the village of Grahan, perched at the hill top. You will find an option of guest house there along with a camping site ahead of village. Apart from getting network coverage for cell phones you will also have an option for satellite phone in the village.

Day 2 : Grahan to Min Thach

Distance: 7 kms , Duration: 4-5 hours

On your second day, lead towards the trail to the north up a gentle climb. The track is used by villagers and goes to Min Thach. After trudging along the path for a while the view opens up and you will be able to spot Min Thach, Sar Top and Nagaru. The trail from here on becomes steeper passing through the woods. The forest is a dense cover with little scope of sunlight passing through the thick canopy. The trail is now all the more steep and after trekking for few hours you will arrive at a ridge with grassy patches. This place is called Min Thach, your destination for the day where shepherds bring their cattle to graze. The view that awaits you once you have reached is spectacular, with Chanderkhani along with other ranges stretching across the north-west and, ridgeline rising in the east up to the snow covered cliff, where sits the campsite of Nagaru. Lying to the south-east of the ridge is a verdant forest accompanied by some clear space where you will be pitching the tent. If you are trekking in the right season, you will find a season vendorÕs hut selling tea, coffee, omelette and Maggi. A tap nearby supplies the potable water. Rest for the day and acclimatize for the trek ahead. Pitch your tents here for the night and have a good night sleep.

Day 3 : Min Thach to Nagaru

Distance: 8 kms , Duration: 4-6 hours

ItÕs time to depart from Min Thach and make sure to begin early. Depending upon the weather conditions you may find snow and it makes the trek difficult. Although Nagaru is not far away from here but the trail leading to it is not straight up the ridgeline, instead swerves up towards south into the wood. After walking for a while, the way open ups to a lush green meadow in the distance. The ridge is a steep ascent leading up to the left towards the cliff atop which is perched Nagaru. The trail is well marked and aligned with trees giving way to green patches and shrubs. Be careful if there is snow as the path becomes tricky and risky; the slope being steep prone to be slippery. Trekking pole is of great use during this time of trekking. Follow all the instructions given by the guide diligently. After an arduous walk for couple of hours in the snow on the steep slope, you will finally arrive at a flat land on the hill top; this is your camp site of the day, Nagaru. The picturesque views of mighty mountains rising steeply in north along with the town of Manikaran across the Parvati Valley are spellbinding. The Chnadrakhani and the ranges of Beas Valley in the north-west, campsite of Min Thach and the village of Grahan down below and huge snow clad hills in the south offers some magnificent views. It is in this direction that will lead you to Sar Pass.

Day 4 : Nagaru to Biskeri via Sar Pass

Distance: 14 kms , Duration: 6-8 hours

It is suggested to begin your day early in order to make it to Sar Pass on time and then back to Biskeri. The climb begins along the ridgeline in the south, which gets steep during certain sections as you proceed. It is easier to walk on snow during the trek. After a trek of few hours, you will arrive at the top of the hill where the exquisite view all around will leave you spell bound. This is the most awaited destination of the trip, Sar Pass. The name is derived from two words namely: ÔSarÕ meaning pond, which is mostly frozen till the late summer. Situated to your east are the lofty peaks of Tosh Valley, while the south is flanked by mighty mountain peaks covered by a blanket of pristine snow. Enjoy the pristine beauty of nature all around and continue with your trek towards south-east. After a steep climb during the last stretch buried in the snow, you will reach the summit presenting an invigorating view. However, the only way to get down from here is by sliding down a hundred feet or so. You may get one more opportunity to slide for almost a kilometer after a short walk until to you arrive at a level ground. A steeper third slope is not far away, which can be again covered by sliding provided there is snow. This time you will arrive at a lovely meadow, the campsite for the day called Biskeri Thach, reached after crossing a few streams. Biskeri is a lovely quaint village flanked by pine trees, mountains and verdant grasslands. You can also view the villages of Tosh, Pulga-Tulga, Barshaini, and Nakthan below in the valley. A gushing stream nearby is potable source of water and so does the water tap. This is also your campsite for the day.

Day 5 : Biskeri to Barshaini via Pulga/Tulga

Distance: 10 kms , Duration: 4-5 hours

ItÕs time to climb downwards towards Barshaini taking up the trail that goes down steeply by the left side of the stream. After crossing some gushing streams, you will reach a flat land with fencing all around, which marks the ending of the trail. Cross the field to find a trail leading towards north-east. Enter the dense forest and cross yet another stream arriving at a campsite with a path that leads to village Pulga. A section of beautiful grassland welcomes you on the trail continuing to go through a dry channel into the woods. Keep descending until you reach the Village of Pulga following the water pipelines. Finally you arrive at the twin village of Pulga and Tulga separated by a stream. To reach Tulga, you will have to traverse the wooden bridge across the River Parvati. Barshaini is the last village on the trail in Parvati Valley which is connected by road that leads to the treks to Kheerganga, Pin Parvati Pass and for treks in the Tosh valley. Your trek comes to an end here and you can further take a cab to reach Kasol, Bhuntar and any other place from here.

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