Kasol: A Backpacker's Paradise


Kasol has always been a pit stop for backpackers moving to higher camps. It has shops selling all sorts of trekking essentials and knick knacks. A large number of Israelis and  Indians call Kasol their home for a greater part of the year, migrating to Goa during the winters.

About the Place: Kasol is situated in the Parvati valley and is a stones throwaway from Manikaran, the famed gurudwara with hot water springs. It has a lot of little hotels which stock a lot of world cuisine. You meet a lot of backpackers who are always ready to share their travel stories.

There is a bridge which separates Kasol and new Kasol. The rickety bridge also offers a breathtaking view of the snow clad mighty Himalayas. There is a tiny hot water spring next to bridge.

Things to do: Pick the essentials for the trek ahead and chill out along the Parvati River.

How to get there: Kasol is easily accessible throughout the year. The fastest way to reach it would be via Mandi, taking a local bus or flying down to Bhunter and then taking the local bus. The bus journey can be a little scary for the faint hearted, but the view more than compensates for it.

Here are a few tips for fellow budget travelers:

  1. Walk around and check out the place before you decide where to stay. You don’t want to waste your money on a fancy hotel when Mother Nature is offering her best to you!
  2. Talk! Talk! And talk to the travelers. They have the best tips to offer.
  3. Be willing to try out the various cuisines on hand, instead of sticking out to the tried and tested food!
  4. Travel light! Kasol is a small place and is best explored on foot. You don’t want to be walking around with a heavy load on your back.




This post was published by Gauthami Kandi

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