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1. Karna Lake

Karna Lake

1 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

Karna Lake is a popular tourist attraction located in the Karnal district of Haryana. Also called Karna Tal, the lake is spectacular to see during sunset. The lake, as well as the district, are named after the famous character from Mahabharata, Karna. Karna Lake is a human-made lake and has a beautifully landscaped Karna Lake Tourist Complex adjacent to it. The boating attractions at Karna Lake is a hit among the visitors. Most people often opt for a peaceful picnic in the lawns beside the lake. The lakeside garden also has swings and other rides for children. The lake is also a favourite hangout spot among highway travellers. The Karna Lake Tourist Complex offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities.

2. Babur's Masjid

Babur's Masjid

2 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

Babur’s Masjid is an architectural marvel that is a must-visit in Karnal. Built-in 1528 by the Mughal emperor Babur to commemorate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi, this mosque stands testament to the prowess of the legendary king. The walled mosque was home to a stunning garden too. At its peak, the mosque boasted of three octagonal towers and domes in addition to the central dome, but only one remains now. The resident well is still replenished by cold water, although the outer structure is in ruins. This site is a perfect history lesson and photo op combined!

3. Kalander Shahs tomb

Kalander Shahs tomb

3 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

This magnificent marble creation houses fountains, gardens and a serene tomb. Built by Ghiyas-ud-din, the Emperor of Delhi, the Dargah holds the memory of the Muslim sage Bo-Ali-Qalandar Shah. This Sufi sage is said to have been acclaimed far and wide, and is famous for conjuring up a cow that ate a tiger! Emperor Alamgir also added to the construction. The Persian and Mughal influences are obvious in the architecture, adding to the charm of the locale. A mosque is also built in the vicinity that you can visit.

4. Gurudwara Manji Sahib

Gurudwara Manji Sahib

4 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

The Gurudwara Manji Sahib is one of the top attractions in the Karnal district of Haryana. It is a place of great historical and religious significance. It is associated with the Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru. A vast number of devotees visit this gurudwara to seek the blessings of Waheguru. It is known as the best gurudwara in Karnal and is famous for its celebrations during all Sikh festivals. The Gurudwara Manji Sahib also provides food and shelter to people from all religions and creeds.

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5. Durga Bhavani temple

Durga Bhavani temple

5 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

The Durga Bhavani temple is serene and tranquil, and houses the powerful embodiment of female cosmic power or Shakti. The Navratri festival in the temple is especially popular – for nine nights in September/October, the Mother Goddess is said to descend upon earth and fight evil forces. On the tenth day, she finally vanquishes evil demons. This event is celebrated as Dussehra, marked by large processions of the deity on the roads, and tall statues of the goddess. Don’t forget to shop for handicrafts and local delicacies in the nearby markets! Metal jewellery and other trinkets are especially favourite here.

6. Sita Mai Temple

Sita Mai Temple

6 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

The Sita Mai temple is the only abode to Goddess Sita in the whole country. The intricate architecture catches the eye and makes you marvel at the elaborate carvings on the bricks. The distinct style of construction makes it clear that the bricks were carved before burning them on the kiln, making it a characteristic style of the region. The temple is dedicated to the divine consort of the Hindu God Ram and is the only temple to the Lady in the entire country. The style is Nepali, and the rituals are ancient as well. Local lore has it that the temple marks the exact spot where Mother Earth is said to have taken Lady Sita into herself when she was asked to prove her chastity to Lord Ram.

7. Miran Sahib's tomb

Miran Sahib's tomb

7 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

Miran Sahib’s tomb celebrates the mystic saint Miran. Syed Mohammed or Miran Sahib was a mystic saint who was hailed for his unique compositions and philanthropy. He rejected all norms of caste and religious discrimination and took up the cause of the poor and downtrodden. When a King took a local Brahmin girl hostage, Miran Sahib is said to have paid an enormous sum of money to retrieve her. Interestingly, only his head is believed to have been buried at Karnal. After he was killed in battle, his body was buried at Muzaffarnagar in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, while his head was brought to Karnal. The stunning mosque within the tomb complex is worth a visit too.

8. Karnal Cantonment Church Tower

Karnal Cantonment Church Tower

8 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

Karnal Cantonment Church Tower is a remnant of the former Colonial rule is built in a Roman style. Formerly a part of St James Church, the major part of the area was dismantled as the cantonment was shifted before independence. The four-storeyed tower can be seen from kilometres away and holds a spectacular ornamental cross on the top. While this a beautiful location for a romantic evening with your significant other, you can also bring your family along for a relaxed picnic. Towering at the height of thirty-five metres, Karnal Cantonment Church Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks of the region.

9. Karnal Golf Course

Karnal Golf Course

9 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

Karnal Golf Course spreads over acres of lush, verdant greens that are perfect for a relaxing break. Overlooking Karnal Lake on one side and Oasis Complex Resort on the other, this golf course is your best bet to ease tensions and get a break from hectic city life. Situated on the banks of the Yamuna Canal, this is one of the most famous international golfing destinations in the country. Steeped in colonial history, Karnal was one of the most popular golfing locations of the British rulers as well. Today it is a significant tourist attraction and hosts tournaments too.

10. Atal Park

Atal Park

105 km
from city center
10 out of 10
places to visit in Karnal

Atal Park, located in Sector 8 of Karnal city in Haryana is spread over an area of 55 acres, which includes a lake spread of 4 acres as well. It has an open-air gym, an exquisite lily pond, a few fountains which illuminate with led lights in the evening and a children’s playground, so it manages to cater to the needs of every age-group. The Park is furnished with anti-skid pathways making it ideal for long strolls along the lake. Atal Park is also famous among the locals as a picnic spot because the greenery of the Park allows one to spend a rejuvenating time, be it with family or friends.

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FAQs on Karnal

How can I commute within Karnal?

Local transport is available in the form of taxi cabs, rickshaws, buses and rented vehicles. You can take part in guided tours as well, to get a glimpse into the fascinating history of the region. If you’re planning on using public transport, make sure to confirm the timings beforehand. Fix prices before you embark on taxi rides.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Karnal?

The top sightseeing places in Karnal are Noor Mahal, Karna Lake, Babur's Masjid, Kalander Shahs tomb, Gurudwara Manji Sahib, Durga Bhavani temple.
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