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Timings : 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : Entry fee: INR 2 per person
Camera fee (still camera): INR 5
Video Camera Fee: INR 25
Parking Fee: Bike: INR 3, Car: INR 25, Van: INR 40, Bus: INR 60

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Mathur Aqueduct, Kanyakumari Overview

Also known as the Mathoor Hanging Trough, the Mathoor Aqueduct is located in the Vilavancode Taluk of the Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu. This one-kilometre long trough is amongst the longest and tallest trough bridges that can be found all across the continent, and this grand aqueduct was constructed in 1966 over the Parazhiyar River to facilitate the agricultural development of the area. This trough bridge gets its name from Mathoor, which is a small village located near the aqueduct. 28 colossal pillars support the weight of the mighty structure, which carries water for irrigation from the Pattanamkal Canal from one side of the hill to another.

The Mathoor Aqueduct has been constructed in such a fashion that it is divided into two parts, one of which is the trough canal and the other is a road. The trough is 7.5 feet wide and 7 feet high and is partly covered with concrete slabs on its top. As the aqueduct began to gain popularity and a lot of people started to visit it, a flight of stairs was also built here to enable the tourists to reach the bridge quickly. A children's park and several bathing platforms have also been developed in the area, which means that people from all age groups can have a lovely time at the Mathoor Aqueduct and enjoy themselves.

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Things To Do At Mathur Aqueduct

What was initially developed as a drought relief measure is today one of the most famous sightseeing destinations in Kanyakumari, and the government is undertaking increased efforts each day to ensure that a visit to this hanging trough bridge is a unique and mesmerising one. Thus, the tourism department and the local Panchayat have considerably improved facilities at the aqueduct for the convenience of the visiting tourists.

The joy and thrill of being at one of the largest and highest trough bridges in not only India, but the entire continent is indeed unparalleled, and what adds to the ecstasy is the scenic view all around. This is perhaps why people flock to this attraction in large numbers all year round to steal a few moments from the dull and hectic daily life. To one end of the aqueduct, there is a well-developed road, and the recently developed staircase allows people to climb from the level of the river up to the trough. Standing in the centre of the aqueduct, one can enjoy the splendid views of the Western Ghats in the background and the Pahrali river below it. The picturesque views also make the place an ideal spot for clicking some memorable photographs, and it is not uncommon to see a large number of people clicking group photos and selfies on the bridge.

Construction Of Mathur Aqueduct

The former Chief Minister Thiru K. Kamaraj undertook great efforts to get the Mathoor Aqueduct constructed since he realised the importance of developing this structure. The aqueduct was built to aid in the agricultural development of the area and to also serve as a drought relief measure in times of need and crisis. The trough carries water from the Pattanamkal Canal across the hill for irrigation and is much needed because of the undulating land terrain of the area, which is also close to the hills of the Western Ghats. This irrigation water flows through the trough for almost all parts of the year, except in the summer months between February and May.

Structure Of Mathur Aqueduct

The Mathoor Aqueduct is divided into two parts: a trough and a road. The trough is 7 feet in height, with a width of 7.5 feet, and the concrete structure is supported by multiple pillars, the maximum height of which is 115 feet. Some of these pillars have been set in the rocks of the Pahrali River, while others are placed in the hills on either side.

Tips For Visiting Mathur Aqueduct

1. It is advisable to travel to the Mathoor Aqueduct by your own vehicle, as you cannot find any direct buses to reach the destination.
2. Food stalls are situated at the attraction; therefore do not bother about carrying food along.

How To Reach Mathur Aqueduct

The Mathoor Aqueduct is located 60 kilometres away from Kanyakumari and just 10 kilometres away from Thuckalay. You can easily reach this destination by hiring a taxi from Kanyakumari or neighbouring areas such as the town of Thiruvattar.

In case you wish to travel by bus, you would have to board the bus to Nagercoil from Kanyakumari, then take another bus to Thuckalay from Nagercoil, and board the last bus to Mathoor.

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