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Opening Hours: : Open 24 hours (Mon - Sun)

Entry Fee: : 300 LKR per person

Embekke Devale, Kandy Overview

Founded by King Vikramabahu III between 1357-1374 AD, Embekka Devalaya is an ancient temple dedicated to the guardian deity Kataragama deviyo and the local deity Devatha Bandara of Sri Lanka.

The temple is located in Udunuwara in Kandy district of Sri Lanka and encompass three sections: Sanctum of Garagha (wherein the statues of deities are placed), Dance Hall (the site for dancing events when the area was under King’s rule), and Drummer’s Hall (known to exhibit some of the finest woodwork; especially the wood cravings around the pillars and the rooftop).

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Embekke Devale

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