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What is the best time to visit Kalpitiya ?

The humidity surrounding the town is constant. However, the wind is generally good throughout the seasons, providing a right spot near the Kalpitiya lagoon for wind and kite surfing, which are the primary activities on the Kalpitiya peninsula. A developing tourist destination, the beach town is best accessible during April to October as the winds are persistent and allow the tourists to enjoy the beaches and the surfing as there is almost a low chance of rainfall. The annual temperature during this season approximately varies around 33.4 degree Celsius to dropping around 27.3 degree Celsius. The wind usually is calm, with the average speed wind in June and July around 7 knots, which is essentially a tender gust. Thus, one can plan their trips accordingly during these months to enjoy the time of your life!
Kalpitiya proves to be a fantastic addition to the already amazing Sri Lanka, adding a zing of adventures and new found experiences, Kalpitiya has it all! Thus, this deserves a must visit!

Weather in Kalpitiya


Upcoming Kalpitiya Weather

Monthly Weather in Kalpitiya

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 23° 2 days
February 31°/ 24° 1 days
March 31°/ 25° 4 days
April 32°/ 26° 16 days
May 32°/ 28° 0 days
June 32°/ 27° 5 days
July 30°/ 27° 4 days
August 30°/ 26° 13 days
September 30°/ 26° 14 days
October 30°/ 25° 27 days
November 30°/ 25° 20 days
December 30°/ 24° 14 days

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