Best Time To Visit Adam's Peak

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What is the best time to visit Adam's Peak?

The best time to visit Adam’s Peak is usually around December to May, as there are little to no rains and the weather doesn’t hinder the exhausting ascent up the mountain. The trails are often crowded in April, which is the month of the Sinhalese New Year,  full-moon days and the weekends. Unlike many attractions in Sri Lanka, entry to Adam’s Peak is entirely free.

To capture photos of the mesmerizing sunrise and avoid the heat and humidity, most pilgrims prefer to scale the mountain during the wee hours of the morning, usually beginning at around 1:30 to 2 AM which leaves them ample time to reach the peak by dawn. Moreover, this time of the day enables us to view the distinct triangular shadow cast by the mountain. The trails are dotted by several stalls selling tea and other refreshments for the tired and weary. The paths are illuminated by electric lights, eliminating the need to bring torches. However, the temple at the peak and many refreshment stalls are closed in the off-season.

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