How to Reach Jeypore

The nearest airport to Jeypore is located in Vishakhapatnam, around 237 km away. The visitors can board a bus or catch a train to Jeypore. It is an adventurous ride as the route mainly covers the panoramic view of the Araku Valley. 

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How to reach Jeypore by flight

Vishakhapatnam houses the nearest airport for Jeypore, almost 259 km away. Taxis are easily available for hire from the airport to Jeypore.

Nearest Airport: Visakhapatnam Airport (VTZ) - 145 kms from Jeypore

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How to reach Jeypore by road

One of the preferable ways to reach Jayepore is by road. Regular bus services under Government are run on regular basis. One of the cheapest, effective and uncomfortable means to reach Jayepore. Buses are also available from Andhra Pradesh, the nearby state.

How to reach Jeypore by train

Jeypore also has its own railway station. This railway station is properly linked to the other important railway stations in the state.

Local transport in Jeypore

Jayepore is well connected with other nearby cities but there are some roads which are in a pathetic condition. Rickshaws are available.

Jeypore Photos

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