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1. Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam
Must visit 3.5 /5

12 km
from city center
1 out of 5
places to visit in Sambalpur

Built over river Mahanadi, this is the world's largest earthen dam and one of the longest dam in the world which forms a 35Km long artificial lake as well.

2. Shopping in Sambalpur

Shopping in Sambalpur
3.0 /5

1 km
from city center
2 out of 5
places to visit in Sambalpur

There are beautiful handlooms and sarees that could be bought. Price ranging from Rs100 - 1000.

3. Samaleswari Temple

Samaleswari Temple
3.1 /5

1 km
from city center
3 out of 5
places to visit in Sambalpur

Samaleswari temple is located on the banks of Mahanadi and is dedicated to Devi Samaleswari also known as Jagannath Adishakti, Mahalaxmi and Mahasawarswati.

4. Leaning Temple of Huma

Leaning Temple of Huma
Must visit 3.4 /5

24 km
from city center
4 out of 5
places to visit in Sambalpur

This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was built in the 17th century and is the only leaning temple in the world. In this temple, only the top is leaning while the pinnacle is perpendicular to the ground.

5. Deer Park

Deer Park
3.1 /5

2 km
from city center
5 out of 5
places to visit in Sambalpur

This mini zoo has about 300 visitors on a daily basis and the number reaches to 1000 on Sundays. There is larger number of visitors specially during November to March.

FAQs on Sambalpur

Can you suggest an itinerary for Sambalpur?

While you are on a trip to Sambalpur there are a few essentials that you should not miss. First off, there is Hirakud dam which is famous all over the country and is the largest earthen dam in the world creating a 35km long lake. Just near this dam, we have a wildlife sanctuary and eco cottages to spend your nights here as this might take your whole day. There are several temples in the region which are worth the visit and have historical significance.

How can I commute within Sambalpur?

Roads in Sambalpur are well connected. There is a state highway 10 which connects Rourkela and Sambalpur which is under construction and will be turning to a four or six lane highway from a two lane highway. Also there are regular bus services from the terminal to Jharsuguda and Bargarh and other cities.
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