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Duduma Waterfalls, Jeypore Overview

The 175-metre high single fall cascade of Duduma waterfall tears through the rugged rocks of the Eastern Ghats and the dark green deciduous forest that is so widespread in this region. It creates an exhilarating scene amidst the rustic greenery right along the border of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. It is not the conventional tourist spot one usually visits when in Odisha but the beauty of the coastal state does not end with sea beaches and temples. Located around 70 km from Jeypore, Duduma waterfall attracts those travellers who love nature and want to explore places beyond the stereotypical boundary of tourism.

Falling off River Machkund, which shares its name with the local township and gets its name from the pilgrimage site Matsya Kunda near Paderu in Andhra Pradesh, the waterfall smashes into a billion white crystals 574 feet down on the ground. The grandeur is at its full display especially during and after the monsoon. Along with the picturesque waterfall, there is also a hydel power project plant and a customary dam to facilitate it. With prior permission from the authorities, you can pay a visit to the powerhouse and get a first-hand experience of how this alternate source of energy is created.

Altogether, with the stunning natural beauty as well as the scope of scientific exploration make Duduma Waterfall a must-visit attraction site if you want to see the untouched, virgin sides of Odisha-Andhra Pradesh.

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Sightseeing Near Duduma Waterfall

Onukudelli Dam
On the way from Machkund to the Duduma waterfall, first, you will notice a stock dam - this is called the Onukudelli Dam which serves the powerhouse and passes water through a canal to reach the tube tunnel of the power house. The remaining water flows out back into the river. The vastness of the dam is worth a look, especially during the monsoon when the river is full and the white foam created at the barrage is gorgeous to look at.

The Waterfall
Duduma waterfall will be there on your left making a beeline down to the ground from a height of 175 metres or 574 feet and collapses into gushing white foams. You can park the car there and within 50 metres you will find the spectacular view of the Duduma waterfall crashing down. The waterfall has two more sub falls, one in Andhra Pradesh and another in the state of Odisha since the waterfalls stand right near the border.

However, to enjoy the view truly, this view point near the parking is not enough. Around 700 steep and slippery steps will take you down near its base from where you can enjoy it better. The spray from the waterfall will leave droplets on you - it is a refreshing experience. Click pictures if you must, but be careful of the dangerous edges.

Onukudelli Powerhouse
The base of the Onukudelli powerhouse can be reached via a bypass road which winds for 6 km downhill. The workers who work down there avail the winch from the township. It takes around 17 minutes to reach the powerhouse base over the twin rail track. In the powerhouse, you can see for yourself the procedure of how power is generated with water, coming down in 6 tubes and then passed over turbines.

To visit the Onukudelli Powerhouse, you have to submit a written application to the Machkund Police Station and only after getting signed permission you can pay a visit.

At Onukudelli, there is a market or haat on every Thursday where you can have a glimpse of the cheerful people of Bonda tribe in their colourful traditional attires.

Best Time To Visit Duduma Waterfalls

Any water of central and south India is in their majestic best right after the monsoon has passed. Fed by heavy rain, the Machkund river flows in its full capacity from September to November, and the Duduma waterfall and its subsidiary fall look brilliant with roaring sound.

How To Reach Duduma Waterfalls

Duduma waterfall can be reached by two ways. One is from Jeypore, and the other is from Semiliguda via Nandpur to Lamptaput where the roads meet. Machkund is about 21 km from here. However, the one via Jeypore is better for the journey. The nearest big city and airport is Vishakhapatnam. From there, you can hire a car to reach the waterfall.

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