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" A picturesque destination surrounded by nothing but nature"

Hunua Ranges Tourism

Hunua Ranges are located in the North Island of New Zealand. The destination is situated to the southeast of Auckland City and is a block of hilly terrain that forms the suburb. This destination thus has a rich source of natural reservoirs and dense forests. The place is also sparsely populated which makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a place to escape their stressful city lives. Hunua Ranges is also famous for eco-tourism. Here, travellers get to explore the natural surroundings that include the mountain slopes, the peaks, the natural reserves and the water bodies.

Hunua Ranges expand over an area of 250 square kilometres between Waharoa and Hunua Ranges Regional Parks. The highest point of the range is the Kohukohunui at 688 metres above the base. Also, over 178 square kilometres of the vast expanse is made up of parkland and the remaining has dense natural vegetation, rivers, streams and water reservoirs in the hills and the valleys.

Travellers can also explore the Hunua settlement located at the base of the range and interact with the locals. The Maori and the Europeans are said to have used some portions of the ranges in the past. This region is also known for Manganese mining.

The area occupied by the Hunua Ranges was bought by the Auckland City Council in bits and pieces since 1920 to build dams and water reservoirs. There are four dams in the ranges that are used to supply water to Auckland. All the dams, together, have the capacity to supply over 77 million cubic metres of water and out of this about 68 percent of the water is treated in the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant to provide potable water to the city.

The ranges also have trekking trails through the scenic surroundings. Adventure freaks and nature lovers often visit Hunua Ranges for a thrilling time in nature.

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Things to Do at Hunua Ranges

  • Since a major portion of this destination is all about the mountains and the valleys, Hunua Ranges is a sought-after location amongst adventure buffs.
  • The picturesque surroundings offer beautiful trails for hiking, trekking, mountain biking etc. The parklands are famous for camping and the water bodies for water sports like kayaking, boating and fishing.
  • If strenuous activities are not one's thing, people can also go for long nature walks and bird watching sessions.
  • Some more attractions to explore in the Hunua Ranges are Hunua Ranges Regional Park, Hunua Falls Reserve, Fourforty Mountain Bike Park and Cossey Massey Loop Track.

Best Time to Visit Hunua Ranges

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Hunua Ranges

FAQs on Hunua Ranges

What is the best time to visit Hunua ranges?

The best time to visit Hunua Ranges in New Zealand is during the spring and summer seasons. From September to November, the region experiences springtime when the surroundings are lush green and gleaming with life. The temperature varies between 4ᵒC and 18ᵒC. From December, the Mercury level starts rising to ring in the summer season, which lasts till February. The atmosphere becomes warmer. The maximum temperature touches is 32ᵒC while the minimum hovers around 21ᵒC.  
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What is the best way to reach Hunua ranges?

  • The roadways, airways and the railways connect Auckland and Hunua Ranges with other parts of the country.
  • The points to disembark in Auckland are the InterCity Sky City Bus Terminal, the Auckland Strand Railway Station and the Auckland International Airport (AKL).
  • Once travellers reach Auckland by one of these modes of transport, they can use public transportation (buses, cabs or self-driven vehicles) to commute till Allan's City which is located 50 kilometres away from Hunua Ranges.
  • From there, they then have to explore the destination on foot or on bicycles.  

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What are the places near Hunua ranges?

The top places near to Hunua ranges are Auckland which is 37 km from Hunua ranges, Bastion point which is located 34 km from Hunua ranges, Gisborne which is located 312 km from Hunua ranges, Rotorua which is located 156 km from Hunua ranges, Whakatane which is located 194 km from Hunua ranges

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