Da-nang to Hue

   Da-nang to Hue Road Distance 100 Km
   Da-nang to Hue Aerial Distance 81 km
  Da-nang to Hue Travel Time 2 Hours

How to reach Hue from Da-nang

The Preferred Way of Travelling from Da Nang to Hue

Da Nang is only about 100 km away from Hue. Travelling by train to Hue from Da Nang is recommended not only because it provides great views of the countryside but also because it is cheap and convenient.

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Knowing The Details

1. Da Nang to Hue by Train
2. Da Nang to Hue by Flight
3. Da Nang to Hue by Bus
4. Da Nang to Hue by Private Taxi
5. Popular Routes to Hue
6. Popular Routes from Da-nang
7. Places to Visit in Hue
8. Hotels in Hue

1. Da Nang to Hue by Train

The train journey takes only between 2.5 to 3 hours. Comfort is not much of an issue since the journey is short. In any case, you can choose from among different types of seats based on your desired comfort level.

The ticket prices for the train journey range from VND 139,000 to VND 173,000.

There are numerous trains which leave for Hue throughout the day. It is however recommended that you travel in the daytime instead of an overnight train so you enjoy the scenery of Vietnam and avoid an awkward arrival time in Hue. Another advantage of travelling by train is you can avail all the onboard services like washrooms, snacks, stewards, sufficient leg room and space to walk around.

2. Da Nang to Hue by Flight

There are several flights which operate between Da Nang and Hue. However, it does not make much of a difference since the journey takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes. Flight tickets are very expensive and must be booked much in advance to make it economical. The comfort level is slightly above the comfort in trains. Travelling by flight is hence recommended only if you are extremely in hurry and do not mind spending money. Flight tickets from Da Nang to Hue cost around VND 1,750,000.

3. Da Nang to Hue by Bus

It takes around 3 to 3.5 hours to travel from Da Nang to Hue in the public bus but it might take longer depending on the traffic. The route is through the mountains, so you can expect beautiful views from your window. This also means, there are a lot of winding roads. So if you have motion-sickness, do keep your medicines handy or avoid the bus altogether.

There are a few VIP buses which have washrooms, stewards, TV and snacks onboard. Sleeper buses offer sufficient leg room. Comfort is hence not an issue. The tickets for the bus ride cost anything between VND 148,000 and VND 166,000.

4. Da Nang to Hue by Private Taxi

The journey usually takes about 1.5 hours. But, you can also take a detour and explore another place while on your journey when you are taking the private taxi, provided you have time on your hand. The rental for a private taxi can cost anything between VND 1,710,000 and VND 2,130,000.

There are many private car services in Da Nang. It is usually a renting package for a round trip. They also pick you up from the location of your choice so you do not have the hassles of reaching the bus station or train station on time. However, do make sure to check the car, the insurance papers and the fuel and toll fee conditions before booking the trip to avoid being charged exorbitantly later. Most car-rental services and their drivers know basic English, so there will not be much of a language barrier.

Popular Routes to Hue

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Da-nang to Hue 2 Hours 100 Km
Hoi-an to Hue 3.5 Hours 126 Km
Hanoi to Hue 12 Hours 700 Km

Popular Routes from Da-nang

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Da-nang to Hue 2 Hours 100 Km
Da-nang to Hanoi 1.5 Hours 766 Km
Da-nang to Hoi An 40 Mins 29 Km

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