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The ancient city of Hue is not only a UNESCO site, it has some good beaches. The days can be long and really hot and you will be aching for a relaxing evening. Though Hue isn’t exactly a beachfront p (Read More)lace, there are some beaches which will help you get rid of that ache.

Here is the list of 3 Beaches in Hue

1. Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach

Located about 60 kilometres away from Hue, Vietnam, Canh Duong Beach is famous for a long stretch of white sandy beach and pristine blue waters. The arc-shaped shore draws people for a romantic getaway from city life. People visit for camping, picnicking and most importantly, for some fresh, delicious and affordable local seafood dishes.

2. Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach is a beautiful attraction located just 30 kilometres away from Hue City in Vietnam. It is famous for its clear blue skies, clean blue and calm waters, and a long stretch of golden sands. This beach is also renowned for local seafood. It draws the most crowd during the tourist season in Vietnam.

3. Ham Rong Beach

Ham Rong Beach

Ham Rong Beach is a picturesque seashore in Hue, Vietnam. With the Thai Linh Mountains in the background, the wide sandy beach is a great place to connect with nature. The attraction witnesses an increase in the number of visitors during the summer season for water sports and recreational activities.

Beaches are all about the sun, fun and relaxation and these beaches in Hue will give you exactly that.

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