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Ben Dinh Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City Overview

A popular section of the larger Cu Chi Tunnels, Ben Dinh Tunnels are a historical attraction located at the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. These were used extensively by the Vietnamese Congress during the Tet Offensive of 1968. Replica bobby traps, barracks and sleeping quarters give you a taste of what life was back in the days of the war.

Take a trip down memory lane to Vietnam back in its revolutionary days. Here at Ben Dinh tunnels, one of the most popular tourist attractions, you will find a section of tunnel networks that show you how life was back in the day of Viet Cong. It is in fact a section of the larger Cu Chi tunnel network which were popular back in the day of the Vietnam War, and is located roughly 50 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Located amidst a eucalyptus forest, the complex also houses infirmaries, meeting rooms, barracks and even resting stations. It truly is a step into the days of the war, as this was the spot for hit and run guerilla warfare. Here one could also flee to seek refuge as it doubled as a bomb shelter. As of now, it is open to tourists like us, but with modifications.

Ben Dinh Tunnels Ho Chi Minh City
The Ben Dinh Tunnels Were Widened to Facilitate Tourists and Visitors

The Ben Dinh tunnels back in the day were much narrower, and have been widened for the visitors. Most of these tunnels come in at roughly 50 cm by 30 cm, but for the ease of tourists they have been widened to 100 cm by 80 cm in some areas. You'll need to crouch to move inside these; which honestly adds to the authenticity of the experience. And if that weren't enough, you also have booby traps,arms and a bomb crater from the war to compliment the vibe. The tunnels will take you to three levels of depth, 3 metres, 6 metres and 9 metres.

How to Reach Ben Dinh Tunnels

Ben Dinh Tunnels Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
The Ben Dinh Tunnels are Located in Ben Dinh Village, 50 kms from
Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (Source)

The Ben Dinh Tunnels are located roughly 50 kms from the Ho Chi Minh City in the Ben Dinh Village. It is recommended to take a tour as they'll arrange the transport, but you can also take direct buses from the city centre or rent a car/bike and get here using Google Maps.

The Ben Dinh Tunnels, along with the entire Cu Chi Tunnel network, are a must visit for anyone from locals to tourists trying to delve deeper in Vietnam's war history and strategy. It takes you into the life as it used to be for the Viet Cong.

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