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badshah brothers

4 months ago
Best city and Gurgaon is a city just southwest of New Delhi in northern India. It?s known as a financial and technology hub.....................

Ranjan Ray

on Kingdom Of Dreams 3 years ago
PRACTICAL INFORMATION Things to see: There are three things to see. i) Zangoora, a live stage show. It is a musical act worth watching once. Usually they have one show per day. The show is of nearly (Read More)2 hours duration. ii) Jhumroo, a musical comedy similar to Zangoora and iii) Culture gully- it is inside a big hall. Something like a mall with a theme. The hall is completely covered and air-conditioned. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops. All are decorated in different themes from different states of India. There are puppet shows, dances, music etc. Worth watching once. Inside the campus of KOD, there are three theaters. One each for the above three (zangoora, Jhumroo and Culture Gully). Parking: They have a huge parking space within the campus and it is free. I found a lot of open parking spaces even on a Sunday. In the worst case, you have another huge open parking jus outside the entrance of KOD. Entry, tickets and other expenses: From May 2018, the revised ticket norms are as follows. There are two kinds of entry tickets. One for the show (Zangoora or Jhumroo) and the other for the culture gully. Minimum entry fee is Rs 600. It includes entry to the culture gully. In the culture gully you can redeem the entire Rs 600 for food. Cost of food is a bit exorbitant. A dosa costs Rs 165. Carry your own water bottle. Water is costly too. If you buy a ticket for a show (like zhangoora), you have complementary entry to the culture gully, but no complementary food. You have to buy everything you eat there. Even if you do not eat anything, culture gully is quite a nice place, where you can spend a few hours. Puppet shows etc are free and open to all. There are games for kids also-they are not free. Tickets for zangoora or jhumroo cost nearly Rs 1000 to 3000 per head. There are different types of tickets (bronze, silver, gold..), details of which are there in the KOD website. I found that silver and bronze seats are also fine. Ask for seats closer to the stage. The view from the seats even on the extreme sides are also great. However, view from the upper deck (balcony) is probably not that great. Tickets for shows are nearly Rs 500 costlier on weekends. There is also a musical fountain near KOD (not part of KOD). Include it in your itinerary. I strongly recommend Zangoora. Senior citizens and kids will also enjoy. Sound levels are a bit high inside the theatre and may not be good for kids below 2 years. For a weekend trip, you have to spend nearly Rs 2400 per head (show ticket Rs 2100 (silver), 1 dosa in culture gully- Rs 165 and a vada-pao during the show in the theater-Rs 80).

Tufan Bera

on Damdama Lake 2 years ago
Don't Visit. It is not like that, what is shown in the picture. Dirty Place and it is not a lake, better call it a small pond. Road condition is very very bad and it is absolutely waste of time and m (Read More)oney.Absolutely disappointing place.

Tina Garg

on Ambience Mall 3 years ago
One of the best malls in Delhi-NCR, Ambience Mall gives a posh feeling to me. The crowd is amazingly good and it?s so big and seeing the height up till where it goes leaves me awestruck. The seven-fl (Read More)oor mall has the best fun-zone and the ice-skating here is once in a lifetime kind of experience. So if you?re planning to go there, go in the afternoon so that you have enough time to do the ice-skating and bowling and explore the place. The shops are a bit expensive, so if you?re planning to shop then do not forget to keep enough money with you.

Snehal Singh

3 years ago
One of the biggest IT hubs of the country- Gurgaon is where I study. I visited Ambience mall and found all the famous brands there. Sector-29 is a fun place to hangout with your friends. Cyberhub is (Read More)my favourite and a ?must visit? spot of this city. Kingdom of Dreams and Damdama lake are the best places to visit with family.

Surbhi Parashar Parashar

3 years ago
The city of the millennials, of rapid growing skyscrapers, of the incessantly increasing MNCs, of colourful pubs and social nights, Gurugram- one of the four satellite towns of New Delhi, is brimming (Read More) with development and growing industrial activities. Gurgaon derived its name from the name of Guru Dronacharya; as the village was given as gurudakshina (offering to a teacher) to him by his students; the Pandavas and hence it came to be known as Guru-gram, which in course of time got distorted to Gurgaon. Thus, the district has been in existence since the times of Mahabharata. Gurgaon is surrounded by Delhi & Rajasthan. Gurgaon is also the second largest city in the Indian State of Haryana and is the industrial and financial centre of Haryana. It has the 3rd highest per capita income in India after Chandigarh and Mumbai, thanks to the rapid commercialization and growth of the city in the past 15 years. Among the major reasons why Gurgaon attracts visitors are the Sohna Lake, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Damdama Lake and the Kingdom of Dreams. Gurgaon's nightlife and shopping scene are extremely happening, thanks to Ambience Mall, the biggest mall in India. Gurgaon is also famous for its pubs and breweries, its cafes and restaurants. However, Gurgaon has been in limelight for some wrong reasons as well citing safety issues, especially for women.

Kovid Kapoor

3 years ago
- First week in January can be extremely cold and foggy, so carry appropriate clothing.
- Be careful with auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers and always negotiate on prices.
- Be careful in the nigh (Read More)t after 10pm and move only in your vehicle or in a radio cab as the other options might be a little unsafe.

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