Ahmedabad to Dwarka

   Ahmedabad to Dwarka Road Distance 929 km
   Ahmedabad to Dwarka Aerial Distance 380 km
  Ahmedabad to Dwarka Travel Time 13 hours 46 mins

How to reach Dwarka from Ahmedabad

The Preferred Way of Going from Ahmedabad to Dwarka

The distance between Ahmedabad to Dwarka is about 929 kms and due to this long distance a journey by road can be quite tiring. So the most preferable way of travelling from Ahmedabad to Dwarka is by train.

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Knowing The Details

1. Ahmedabad to Dwarka by Bus
2. Ahmedabad to Dwarka by Train
3. Ahmedabad to Dwarka by Car
4. Popular Routes to Dwarka
5. Popular Routes from Ahmedabad
6. Places to Visit in Dwarka
7. Hotels in Dwarka

1. Ahmedabad to Dwarka by Bus

Bus connectivity between Dwarka and Ahmedabad makes travelling between the destinations quite convenient and comfortable for tourists. It is an economical option and goes easy on the pocket. There are state transport and private buses to choose from and it takes about 7 to 11 hours to reach Dwarka depending on the traffic situation and the number of stop points. Most of the buses depart in the evenings so tourists can reach Dwarka in the morning and spend the entire day sightseeing and exploring the ancient town.

2. Ahmedabad to Dwarka by Train

Dwarka and Ahmedabad are well connected by Indian Railways. There are about 12 trains departing from Ahmedabad Junction that either go directly or via a tiny little railway junction in Dwarka (the Dwarka Railway Station). A train ride is a convenient and economical option too. The schedules are spaced through the day to make it convenient for travellers to catch a train from Ahmedabad.
Available Train Options
Some of the major trains like the Saurashtra Mail, Ahmedabad Okha Passenger, Howrah – Okha Link Superfast Express, Ernakulam Okha Express etc. connect the two destinations. Out of these, only the Saurashtra and Ahmedabad Okha Passenger operate all days of the week, while the rest operate only on set days of a week. It is, therefore, highly recommended that travellers keep a close tab on the train schedule.

Train Timings

The train schedule is spread across strategically all through the day. This gives travellers more options but only on certain days because there are only 2 trains that operate every day between the two destinations. They depart either around 05:30 AM IST or 12:00 PM IST, while the infrequent ones can be boarded almost every hour starting from 02:30 AM IST to 11:00 AM IST and from 04:00 PM IST to 11:00 PM IST. The train schedule also keeps changing every now and then. So, it is highly recommended that travellers keep a constant check on it.

Ahmedabad to Dwarka By Train

Train From - To Departure - Arrival

GKP - OKHA E (15045)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 18:05:00 - 02:38:00


AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 18:05:00 - 02:38:00

HA EXPRESS (16338)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 07:25:00 - 16:20:00

RMM-OKHA EXP (16733)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 02:40:00 - 12:28:00

PURI-OKHA WE (18401)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 03:40:00 - 12:30:00

VIVEK EXP (19567)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 16:15:00 - 00:36:00

NDT OKHA EXP (19576)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 11:05:00 - 19:45:00


AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 05:55:00 - 14:44:00

BSB OKHA SF (22970)

AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 23:00:00 - 07:53:00


AHMEDABAD - DWARKA 12:00:00 - 04:28:00


SABARMATI - DWARKA 12:13:00 - 04:28:00

3. Ahmedabad to Dwarka by Car

There are three main routes via the National Highway in Gujarat that connect Ahmedabad to Dwarka. One is the NH 47 (451 kilometres), the other NH 947 (470 kilometres) and the NH 27 (499 kilometres). The longest route is the NH 27 and it requires about 12 hours with a short pitstop. It, therefore, is not preferred for a road journey from Ahmedabad. The NH 947 and NH 47 are well-constructed and shorter routes. It takes about 8 to 9 hours to reach Dwarka via these routes with a short stop in between for refreshments or meals. All the highways have a number of hotels, restaurants, food courts etc at regular intervals and provide for an interesting road trip through Gujarat.

From Ahmedabad, one can choose to book a cab/ taxi or a bus depending on the number of people travelling to Dwarka. Several tourism companies offer outstation trips or tour and sightseeing packages to explore Dwarka. There are options available between economical and luxury cars that one can choose from. There are also shared cabs, but travellers mostly opt for Hatchbacks, SUV, Sedans, Premium vehicles etc. Rental buses or minibuses are also available for a big group of travellers. Instant bookings can also be done online.  Some of the frequently used websites for taxi/ cab booking are Clear Car Rental, Savaari, Ahmedabad – Taxi, Rajputana Cabs etc.
The Routes That Can Be Taken
Route 1: NH 947 – Morbi Pass Route

470 Kilometres, 7 hours 30 minutes

Sarkhej Road/ SH 17 – NH 947 – Morbi Bypass/ NH 8A Service road/ SH 24 Bypass – NH 947/ SH 25/ SH 22 – Jamnagar Road on NH 947 – NH 947/ Jamnagar Dwarka Highway/ SH 6 – SH 29/ NH 51 – Dwarka Road/ SH 6A/ NH 947. Dwarka is about 1.5 kilometres from Dwarka Road.

Route 2: NH 47/ NH 947 Route

451 Kilometres, 8 hours approximate

Narol Sarkhej Road – NH 147 – NH 47 – NH 27 – SH 25/ Rajkot Jamnagar Highway/ SH 120 – NH 947/ SH 22 – Jamnagar Dwarka Highway/ NH 947/ SH 26 – NH 51/ SH 29 – Dwarka Road/ SH 6A/ NH 947. Dwarka is about 1.5 kilometres from SH 6A/ Dwarka Road.

Route 3: NH 27 Route

500 Kilometres, 11 hours approximately

NH 174 – NH 47 – NH 27/ NH 47 – NH 27 Ring Road – Rajkot Porbandar Highway/ NH 27/ NH 51 – Porbandar Bypass – SH 6A/ NH 947/ Dwarka Road. Dwarka is located about 1.5 kilometres from Dwarka Road.

Road Condition
The entire network of national highways through Gujarat connecting Ahmedabad and Dwarka is a well-maintained stretch. All the routes have toll booths at regular intervals and have a high traffic capacity. The 4 lane highways ensure a smooth drive between the destinations almost the entire route and go through some scenic parts of Gujarat which travellers can enjoy if they plan to travel during the day.
Eating Options on the Way
The most frequently preferred stopover point for snacks and meals is on the Ahmedabad – Rajkot Highway. There are a number of Kathiyawadi Gujarati Restaurants and Hotels near Chotila and Limbdi that attract people in sometimes unimaginable numbers for the authentic foods from Saurashtra. Some of these restaurants also serve Chinese, Punjabi and South Indian dishes. So there are options to choose from. Some of the famous restaurants on this route are Hotel Darshan, Hotel Jamuna, Honest Restaurant, HFM Highway Food Mall and Hotel Baldev Kathiyawadi.

Popular Routes to Dwarka

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Ahmedabad to Dwarka 13 hours 46 mins 929 km
Delhi to Dwarka 41 mins 18.1 km
Pune to Dwarka 23 hours 41 mins 1,448 km
Mumbai to Dwarka 21 hours 33 mins 1,398 km
Gurgaon to Dwarka 42 mins 19.8 km
Hyderabad to Dwarka 1 day 0 hours 1,560 km

Popular Routes from Ahmedabad

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Ahmedabad to Diu 7 hours 22 mins 359 km
Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar 3 hours 19 mins 170 km
Ahmedabad to Bhuj 5 hours 21 mins 332 km
Ahmedabad to Dwarka 13 hours 46 mins 929 km
Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar 42 mins 26.2 km
Ahmedabad to Goa 17 hours 38 mins 1,096 km

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