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Q. I will reach Dwarika at 3pm . Can I complete Darshan of Dwarikadhish, Nageswar, Bet Dwarika before 8pm

Q. In Dwarkadish temple near budget hotel?

Deen Sharma 2 years ago
1000 ka room

Q. Can we do scuba diving to see the underwater city? If yes, what are the charges?

Holidify 1 year ago
You can definitely go for scuba diving in Dwarka. The charges are- 5000rs per person plus 1000rs rental for the diving equipment.
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dhirendra singh 1 year ago
Dwarka Wind Mills. Will have it in abundance. Gigantic.
Hemant Sisodiya 2 years ago
This is best place... I love this place... Find your self and never forget to taste the lassi of dwarka
Ayush Baheti 2 years ago
- Dwarka is a religious place. Though there is no written or official rule, it is advisable to be properly dressed. Avoid shorts, dresses and sleeveless clothes.
Pranjali Kureel 2 years ago
Being a non-religious person, I was initially reluctant to visit Dwarka when my parents asked me to. However, contrary to what I had expected, this city turned out to be way more than a mere pilgrimage site. The Dwarkadhish temple?s intricate architecture, a very interesting history, and even its religious significance make it a must visit attraction, just beware of the money-making pandits. Dwarka is a lovely place for peace seekers. Dwarka beach is one of the most underrated beaches of India, maybe that?s what makes it so good. Apart from that, watching the sun slowly dive into the sea from the sunset point, while eating chana jor garam amid sea breeze is an experience not to miss!

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