How To Reach Dubare

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How to Reach Dubare

Currently, Dubare is only accessible by road. You can either rent a vehicle, hire a taxi or take a bus to Dubare. The local buses ply to various nearby cities from Dubare. The nearest railway station is at Mysore (99 km) which is accessible by taxi to and fro. The closest airport is also at Mysore. 

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How to reach Dubare by flight

The nearest airports to Dubare are Mysore (116 km) and at Bangalore (271 km). You can hire a taxi to and from these airports to reach Dubare. These airports receive regular flights from various carriers from major cities in the country. Cars and buses are available from these airports to Dubare.

Nearest Airport: Calicut - 124 kms from Dubare

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How to reach Dubare by train

Dubare is connected to the main cities in India via the Mysore railway station which is 101 km away (2 hours by car). There are several express and superfast trains to Mysore from the other main cities in India. The remaining journey can be completed by bus or taxi.

How to reach Dubare by Waterways

Dubare is well connected to various cities of the southern part of the country by road. Regular bus services, regulated by state and local transport associations are available to reach Dubare via various routes.

Local transport in Dubare

Safaris and elephant rides can be enjoyed by visitors on reaching the Dubare Elephant Camp. The major modes of transport are jeeps within the area. Cabs can also be booked.

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