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"Biryani City"

Dindigul Tourism

Dindigul is a historical city and administrative centre for Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. Situated between the Palani hills and Sirumalai hills' foothills, this city is not particularly known for its terrain. Its history & culture has found reverence, having been home to an ancient settlement.  It was also the headquarters of the British Army at one point. 

The Dindigul Fort is the main attraction here among many other historical monuments. Today, it is an industrial town and a tourism hub.

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Dindigul has always been a political centre through centuries.

The city lay at the border of the three main South Indian kingdoms - Pandya, Chera and Chola. It was first conquered by the Pandya kingdom which in turn was conquered by the Chola king Karikal Cholan. In the 14th century, when South India faced the invasion of the Delhi Sultanate, Dindigul was under the safe leadership of the Vijaya Nagar army.

In 1559, the Nayaks took control of the region and the Dindigul Fort, the main source causing political desire in Dindigul hereafter, was built in 1605 CE. Over the years, the Nayaks were overthrown by the Kingdom of Mysore. There was unrest amongst the people with regards to a new taxation policy because of which Haider Ali was sent to Dindigul by the Maharaj of Mysore. In 1788, Tipu Sultan, son of Haider Ali was crowned King of Dindigul.

In 1792, he ceded to the British. The British Army strengthened the hill fort with cannons and new sentinel rooms. The British Army resided here for over 60 years and was the headquarters of the British Army. Eventually, the army headquarters moved to Madurai. It remained under the rule of the British until 1947.

Famous Creations of Dindigul

  • Dindigul is famous for its own preparation of Biryani. The Dindigul Thalappakatti Biryani has gained national prominence over the years.
  • It is also known for having produced Winston Churchill's favourite cigar Churut, popularly known as 'Light of Asia'.
  • The locks manufactured in Dindigul have also been granted IP protection through geographical indication (GI).


Dindigul has been a civilised town for centuries. This resulted in the city having an expansive range of industries. It was an important centre of trade & manufacture of tobacco and remains a huge source of employment. It was also known for quality production of locks and steel safes which are sold nationally and internationally. Now, the industry has shifted more towards textile, handloom and agricultural opportunities. It is also a centre for wholesale trade of fruits & vegetables such as orange, pineapple, sapota, guava and onion.

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How To Reach Dindigul

The closest airport is Madurai Airport, 66km away. It is well connected by road and buses and taxis to Dindigul are in plenty. Dindigul Junction Railway Station is also well connected to most railway lines.

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