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"Hilly, dense forests of Dindigul"

Sirumalai Tourism

Covering an expanse of 60,000 acres, Sirumalai is a hilly region in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. At an altitude of 1600m, this densely forested region boasts of diverse wildlife and flora. The weather in this southern hill station is pleasant throughout the year. Having also been recognised as a place of religious importance, certain sacred and rare medicinal herbs grow in this region. These reserve forests are protected by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

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The region is covered in dense deciduous forests, with trees such as Terminalia, Shorea and Magnolia champaca. Orchids are found at higher elevations in this evergreen forest area. Coffee estates form a majority of the landscape now. Lianas, a rare plant, is also seen to grow here.


The Sirumalai Shieldtail Snake Uropeltis dindigalensis is an endemic reptile indigenous to this region and reportedly not found anywhere else. Various endangered species such as Slender loris, Gaur, Sambar deer, Sloth bear, Asian palm civet, Indian hare, Jungle cat, Indian pangolin, Python molurus, Indian star tortoise are found here. Venomous snakes such as Indian cobra, Russell's viper, Common krait and the endemic Bamboo pit viper and the lesser-known Striped coral snake Calliophis nigrescens are also found here. There are many other endemic species in this region.

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FAQs on Sirumalai

What is the best time to visit Sirumalai?

The best time to visit Sirumalai is October - March, offering a wispy winter experience. While the weather is great here throughout the year, summers here are not as scenic as October - March. It still makes for a great summer get away but can be avoided during the monsoons.
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What is the best way to reach Sirumalai?

  • Air/Rail: The closest airport is Madurai Airport, around 90 km away. The closest railway station is Dindigul Junction, around 25 km away.
  • Road: Sirumalai is well connected to Dindigul and Madurai. There are regular buses and taxis available from both cities.

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What are the places near Sirumalai?

The top places near to Sirumalai are Kodaikanal which is 55 km from Sirumalai, Madurai which is located 32 km from Sirumalai, Munnar which is located 103 km from Sirumalai, Dindigul which is located 19 km from Sirumalai, Kolukkumalai which is located 85 km from Sirumalai

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