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What is the best time to visit Devprayag?

Devprayag is a place that can be visited throughout the year. Summers are quite pleasant with ample amount of sunshine and provide a respite from the rough summers in rest of India. The winters are quite cold and freezing due to the location and altitude, but with appropriate clothing, it can be enjoyable. Monsoons are also quite pleasant making this destination an all-time favourite among explorers. 

Weather in Devprayag


Upcoming Devprayag Weather

Monthly Weather in Devprayag

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 19°/ 7° 12 days
February 22°/ 8° 4 days
March 25°/ 11° 11 days
April 30°/ 16° 5 days
May 36°/ 19° 1 days
June 36°/ 23° 8 days
July 30°/ 23° 28 days
August 30°/ 23° 27 days
September 30°/ 21° 25 days
October 29°/ 16° 3 days
November 27°/ 13° 1 days
December 21°/ 7° 3 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Devprayag

Devprayag in Summer (April - June)

Devprayag experiences pleasant and refreshing summers between March and May. The weather here during this time of the year is perfect to beat the heat and relax. The lush green trees and the majestic mountains juxtaposed with the clear blue sky makes the whole place look spellbinding. The summer season is the perfect time of the year to relax and enjoy some peaceful time in this beautiful place. You can take lazy strolls and explore the various pristine temples that are located in Devprayag. These temples are not only beautifully constructed but have a positive aura. Devprayag during this time of the year is also perfect to witness the mesmerising confluence of the two holy rivers. The rivers are replete with fresh and cold water during this time of the year that makes this site a must visit. Hence, a trip to Devprayag during the summer season will be an enchanting and rejuvenating experience.
Landscape view of Devprayag

Devprayag in Monsoon (August - September)

Devprayag experiences monsoon season between June and September. The weather during this time of the year is pleasant and windy. The cold showers enhance the beauty of this place tenfold and make it look even more picturesque. This is an excellent time of the year to take a trip to Devprayag if you want to witness the two pristine rivers bubbling with fresh water. The rain makes the whole place look refreshed, and the temples especially look even more tranquil and natural. You can take lazy strolls enjoying the breezy weather and explore this beautiful place. Do not forget to carry umbrellas and raincoats with you. A trip to Devprayag during the monsoon season will be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.
Devprayag during monsoons

Devprayag in Winter (October - March)

Winter season in Devprayag begins from October and continues till February. The weather during this time of the year is a little bit chilly and breezy. Nonetheless, this is also a great time of the year to take a trip to this beautiful place. The hills in Devprayag look majestic replete with lush greenery and mist that surrounds this place makes it look magical. This weather is perfect to indulge in leisure walks and explore the pristine temples and to get an essence of Devprayag. Or, if you want to add adventure to your trip, you can even indulge in trekking. The soothing weather along with the warm sun makes trekking an extremely delightful activity to indulge in. The view of the river is magnificent during this time of the year with the blue water shimmering and mist enveloping the place making it even more magical. Winter season is a great time of the year to plan your trip to Devprayag and do not forget to carry ample woollens with you to avoid getting frozen to death.
Devprayag in winters

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