Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

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Timings : 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Closed on Mondays

Time Required : 2 - 3 hrs

Entry Fee : Registration Charges - Adults- INR 50, Kids (below the age of 8 years) - Entry Free, Group of 30 people - INR 1200

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Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum, Delhi Overview

Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum is one of the most sought after and one of the most awed museums in all of Delhi, Located inside the premises of Rashtrapati Bhavan, the museum was inaugurated in 2014 by the then President of India Pranab Mukherjee. The depository showcases invaluable artefacts and exquisite products for the lovers of art, culture and history. The complex is situated alongside Circuit 2 within the compound and has been further segregated into three sections- The Clock Tower, The Stables and The Garage. The Garage is the most recent addition to the complex inaugurated in 2016.

Built for a whopping cost of over 80 crores in two years, the underground museum boasts of housing the indispensable gifts given to our country from all across the world, since the time of our first President- Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The galleries have been facilitated with virtual reality equipments and multi-screen projects to provide a live element to the story-telling feature. Besides the generic facets of displaying articles, artefacts and products, the museum has an art gallery which hosts exhibitions frequently; it also has a platform displaying speeches from the former presidents of India through a privilite projection. All in all, the museum is a wonderful initiative and a must visit.

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Galleries at Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

The museum has been segregated into three galleries-
1. The Clock Tower was originally built in 1925 by Sir Edward Lutyens and was known as the Band House. Previously, it was used as residential quarters and post office for Rashtrapati Bhavan but currently, the building is used as the reception for Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex (RBMC). The beautiful square structure is 23 feet high and has neatly cut corners; it is graced with alcove arches and lion heads for fountains. Two sturdy pillars with a tiny patio is the entrance to the chamber and a vintage clock system (a product of the very famous James & Joyce company) adorns the central dome.
2. The Stables is the section of the museum that displays and preserves the numerous gifts given to the former presidents and ministers of India from personalities all across the world. Before the inception of this museum, the gifts and articles were stored at a place called Toshkhaana inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan. With an objective to display the valuables to a live audience, this gallery was created as a state of art museum. Besides the gifts, it has a collection of arms, furnitures, sculptures, wood carvings, archival material etc. Based on the name, the gates and windows of this chamber have horse-shoe images on them. The magnanimous chamber has been divided into three more section- the left corridor, the long hall and the right corridor. While the left corridor holds the actual gift articles received, the long hall is further cut up into War Scene Gallery, Furniture Gallery and PBG Gallery. The right corridor again has gifts, paintings and other memorabilia.
Within the Stables is also a Coach House which was originally used to house the carriages but now is equipped with material depicting the ancient history of our nation through pictures, articles and contextual references.
3. The Garages is the last section of the complex and derives its name from the fact that previously it was used as a garage for the President’s Estate. The gallery showcases the past and present Presidents of India- their history and political journeys, the ceremonies hosted at the President’s Estate and the like. It has three floors- ground, upper basement and lower basement.

Things of Wonder at Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

1. An old president buggy drawn by a replica of a life-sized horse.
2. A Mercedes car gifted to late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi which was handed over by him to the Toshakhana.
3. Photographs of the rich history and heritage of India on a digital platform.
4. A 3D holographic projection in the form of a live-virtual speech by some of the most prominent personalities of India.
5. Personal belongings of all 13 presidents of India providing a peek into their choices, taste and lifestyles.
6. A tiny cubicle can provide the opportunity to video call the President (yes, for real).
7. Gandhi Walk, which lets you watch Gandhiji in life-sized image on a digital screen.

Reservations and other related information for Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

1. Visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan or the museum inside the premises require you to make a reservation online beforehand, necessarily.
2. You can use the official website to make the reservation- http://rashtrapatisachivalaya.gov.in/rbtour/.
3. The visiting days for the different section of the estate differ from each other.
Circuit 1 has the main building and the beauteous lawns. It is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Circuit 2 covers the entire museum complex which is on all days except Mondays.
Circuit 3 is the route for Mughal Gardens and other gardens of visit, open only from August to March on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
4. Timings for the museum are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Tips For Visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

1. Indian citizens are expected to carry a valid photographic ID.
2. Foreign citizens are required make their reservation through a photostated copy of their passports. On the day of their visit, they are required to carry their original passports.
3. All reservations are made in advance through the official website- https://presidentofindia.gov.in/rbvisit/visit_plan.aspx.
4. Make sure you have a confirmation of the online booking through a message or an email.
5. We also recommend you to carry minimal stuff as all of it has to be deposited outside before entering the building (including your cell phones) for security purposes.

How To Reach Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

The museum is situated within the Rashtrapati Bhavan compound. The nearest metro station to Rashtrapati Bhavan is Udyog Bhawan Metro, situated on the yellow line. The place is 450 metres away of the metro; it is a 6 minute walk approximately.  Alternatively, you can travel in one of the buses which will be relatively economical. Entry to Rashtrapati Bhavan for visitors is only through Gate No. 2 (towards Rajpath), Gate No. 37 (towards Dalhousie Road, Hukmi Mai Marg), Gate No. 38 (towards Church Road, Brassy Avenue).

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