Wildlife on the Move

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Presenters : K.C Rudy, Eric Brittingham

Programs : The Unhuggables, Cold, Cold-blooded Critters, Amazing Adaptations, Boas vs Pythons

Wildlife on the Move, Dallas Overview

Unlike other zoos or animal exhibits, Wildlife on the Move isn't a place but a team of experts; a team of people who have wide knowledge about animals, particularly critters. They go from one place to the other presenting a variety of animals educating the audience on the same.

These animals, like snakes, lizards, spiders, tortoises etc., belong to different parts of the world. People of all age groups can be a part of their presentations or can stream one online. Moreover, Wildlife on the Move provides an opportunity to those above 13 to volunteer, learn about the animals and to share their knowledge with others.

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Wildlife on the Move

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