Food of Cooch Behar

The main and almost essential elements of the food here are fish, lentils and rice, while, the food gets it flavors from the 5 main spices- Cumin, Nigella, Fenugreek, Aniseed and Mustard seed. The dishes are generally prepared in mustard oil. Sukto, Ambole, Pitha, Chingri macher Malai curry, Maccher Jhol, Bengali eggplant fry are the delicacies that almost offer a definition to the cuisine here. Sweet is another indispensable part of Bengali food and the sweets of the state are famous across the country. The sweets of Bengal are generally made of sweetened cottage cheese (chhena). Rashogolla,shandesh, Laddu, Rasmalai, Pantua, Chamcham are Bengali relishes, enjoyed all over India.

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Cooch Behar:

1. Hotel Royal Palace

Sunity Road, Cooch Behar, 736101India 
INR 400

2. Sadhana Hotel

N N Road, Chowpathi, New Town, Cooch Behar 736101 India 
Bengali, Chinese
INR 400

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Cooch Behar, West Bengal
Madan Mohan Temple
Baneswar Siva Temple

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