Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore Overview

Isha Yoga Ashram in India is a non-profit and non-religious center, which has been drawing innumerable people from different parts of the globe since a long time. The ashram and yoga center has been founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

The introduction to the Isha Yoga Program ranges from a period of 3-7 days along with a rejuvenation retreat or yoga-intensive retreat, which focuses on overall health and well being of an individual.The setting of the yoga center is awesome at the base of Velliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu. The place is at a distance of 18 miles from Coimbatore.

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Main attractions of Isha Yoga Centre

1. Adiyogi statue
2. Surya kund and Chandra kund if you wish to take a dip.
3. Nandi statue
4. Linga Bhairavi Temple


Dhyana’ means meditation and ‘linga’ means the form. Dhyanalinga is a Yogic temple located near Coimbatore. There is a noble statue of Adiyogi, which has been recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Best Sculpture. As you step into the property, this statue is the first thing you will notice, surrounded by lush greenery and the sight is worth it!

To reach the main building from the Adiyogi statue, you will have to travel via traditional bullock carts. The main temple of Dhyanalinga has a large dome-like structure with a lingam, which is around 13 metres in height. The entire structure is made up of black granite. As soon as you enter the temple, you are requested to meditate silently for 15 minutes and can exit after the bell rings. 
Other than the Dhyanalinga, there is a statue of Nandi, a Surya kund and a Chandra kund, where three lingams are immersed in water. People are allowed to take a dip before they enter the temple premises.

How to Reach

Isha Yoga Centre or Dhyanalinga can be easily reached from Coimbatore, which is well connected to all the major cities through rail, road and air. It takes only 40 minutes to reach Dhyanalinga from Coimbatore. You can hire an Uber or any private taxi to reach Dhyanalinga from Coimbatore.

Things to do at Dhyanalinga

• Engage in meditation at Linga Bhairavi or Dhyanalinga.
• Enjoy a few splashes at the pools
• Attend musical programmes arranged by Isha Foundation
• Listen to Sadhguru’s inspirational talks
• Visit the bookshop and browse through the different books and CDs by Sadhguru.


Do not miss the Nada Aradhana: This is a 20minute musical offering, which starts at around 11:45 AM and goes on till 12:10 PM every day. The Nada Aradhana is an offering to the Dhyanalinga through drums and other musical instruments and it transforms the entire place. This unique experience energizes the devotees with its positive vibes.

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NC Babu Ravuri

on Isha Yoga Center 4 years ago
This is the best place in South India... if You are spiritual seeker you must visit and imbibe the energy of that place...
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