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Chiang Mai Canyon

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Overview

Planning a day's outing with your loved ones? Head over to Hang Dong Canyon, a striking canyon located just an hour away from Central Chiang Mai. It is also fondly known as the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai – the name adapted from its American counterpart which looks uncannily similar. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, a visit to the Grand Canyon can be the much-needed change that you are looking for.

Formerly a limestone quarry, this is now the place to be at on a sunny afternoon. The natural beauty of the canyon has made the attraction very famous amongst tourists. The steep walls make it possible for a visitor to jump off from nearly any cliff in the canyon.

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Chiang Mai Canyon Cliff Jumping

If doing adventurous things gives you a great adrenaline rush then jumping off at once from a cliff at the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai has to be on the top of your bucket list. There are 3 different levels of cliff jumps you could try.

1. Starter Jump: For those of you who might be afraid of heights or probably water can try jumping from this level. There are long ramps which would be about 2 or 5 meters high. This level of cliff jumping is also good for a kick start for those of you looking forward to completing all 3 levels.

2. Mid Level Thrill: If looking forward to the final stage then you must definitely try this jump. These mid-level jumps are the ones along the channel leading to the bigger jumps.

3. Big Gun: This is what will leave you thrilled with terror. Your heart will start pumping out of your chest just as you approach it. It is allegedly 16 meters long. However, it might feel far higher when you are at the top preparing to jump off. This level is sure to leave you with chills and will be the highlight of your trip to the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

How to Reach Chaing Mai Canyon

The Chiang Mai Grand Canyon is located to the southeast of the Old City of Chiang and is nearly 30 km away. You can travel to the Canyon by Highway 121 or Highway 108 via a car or even rented motorbikes. Tuk Tuk a local taxi is preferred by many since it is comparatively cheaper and more convenient.

While visiting the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon if you are planning to travel by a Tuk Tuk maybe sure you do not agree with the driver at once for the fare he is expecting. You must definitely bargain your way through to a price that is acceptable to both of you.

Best Time to Visit

Starting from November through to February the climate is warm and pleasant. Such a climate is ideal to visit the Chiang Mai Canyon. Most of the tourists prefer planning a trip in the early morning. You might want to avoid going in the after during summers as it will be very fatiguing. However, if you want to avoid peak hours when visiting the Grand Canyon then you can probably go between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


1. You must make sure you wear comfortable apparel and shoes which allow you to walk long distances. You might also want to carry swimwear in case you plan on playing a visit to the aqua park.
2. Staying hydrated during your journey is the most important thing because a day’s trip to the canyon could be very tiring.
3. Carry an extra pair of clothes and towels is a wise move to make.
4. You must make sure you put enough sunscreen before going so as to save yourself from any kind of burns or skin reactions.

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