Mah Meri Art Gallery, Cameron Highlands Overview

Mah Meri Art Gallery is an interesting art collection located at the Tanah Rata in Malaysia. The art gallery pays homage to the now dying art of carving masks out of wood. It is an interesting place for all those who are interested in indigenous art and history of Malaysian tribes.

Mah Meri originally translates to “jungle man” but also has another meaning, which is  “the masked men.” Their art of carving wood is very intricate and is often considered one of the finest in the world. This art has also received the UNESCO Seal of Excellence because of its excellent nature.

Mah Meri Art Gallery is one of the most intriguing tourist destinations with an exhibition of wooden masks carved by the Mah Meri community of the Carey Islands. These masks are known for their carefully crafted designs and sophisticated art which makes them a great historical and cultural relic. Below the art gallery, there is also a gift shop from where one can buy Mah Meri wood carvings and masks.

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