Orang Asli Village, Cameron Highlands, Cameron Highlands Overview

The indigenous villages of Malaysia, Orang Asli Villages is often visited by tourists who hope to seek out the aboriginal people and understand their culture. Guided tours are available.

The most authentic locales can be found to the east of Tanah Rata with the people referring to themselves as Batek. They are nomadic but friendly towards the visitors, often welcoming them with smiles and showing off their skills. Some of the tourists are intrigued try their hand at using the blow pipe. The village is also included in Rafflesi tours.

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How to Reach Orang Asli Village

The best way of reaching the far corners of the region is to walk or trek through the forest with the assistance of a guide. The ones averse to walking can hop onto a local bus that runs between Tanah Rata and Brinchan and travel by buying a ticket for less than MYR 5. The international tourists prefer to hire a taxi service for MYR 8 with the vehicles being willing to carry passengers to Ringlet and Boh for MYR 25 & MYR 40 respectively.

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