Invisible Museum, Budapest

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Timings : All Days: 10 AM to 8 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : 1900 HUF onwards.

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Invisible Museum, Budapest Overview

A unique experience which to help appreciate life is what the Invisible Museum in Budapest offers. This museum’s exhibition is a ‘one of a kind’ event where an individual can try to understand and feel the world in complete darkness as if living without their eyesight like a blind person. ‘Blind trust’ is what you are asked to carry along if you plan to visit the Invisible Museum.

At the invisible exhibition, tours begin with the introduction of the personal guides who are blind or partially sighted people and help the group of observers experience the invisible world “exclusively through touch, hearing, scent and their sense of balance”. This interactive tour usually takes place in a group of eight individuals, with each group leaving in 15 minutes for the 45 minute to an hour-long tour. The guides then lead you to separate furnished rooms where each and every room is laced with challenges and tasks difficult to deal with. The purpose of this exhibition is to approach the world of the visually impaired and make the world a better place by educating and informing the ones who sign up for this tour.

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Tickets for the Invisible Museum, Budapest

The ticket prices are as follows -

1. Weekdays

  • Adults: 2400 HUF 

  • In a Group: 1900 HUF per person (over 20 people)

  • Students and Pensioners: 2100 HUF

  • Family Groups: 6900 HUF (Upto 2 adults and 3 children below 14 years of age)

2. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 

  • Adults: 2900 HUF

  • Group ticket: 2400 per person (over 20 people)

  • Students and Pensioners: 2400 HUF

  • Family Groups: 8900 HUF (Upto 2 adults and 3 children below 14 years of age)

Additional costs apply for foreign language guidance. 

3. Invisible Dinner Tickets

  • 2 Course Dinner: 7400 HUF

  • 4 Course Dinner: 8800 HUF

Additional costs apply for foreign language guidance.

Tickets can be purchased at the reception of the Museum. Reservations are required for foreign language guidance and for the dinner on Fridays.

Reservations can be made from here -

Exhibition Tours at the Invisible Museum, Budapest

The Invisible Museum’s exhibition presents its visitors with various life situations like – crossing the road, going around the city, paying for coffee in a café or bar and the right spices you need for lunch. Along with this, another venue of the exhibition displays the objects and tools used by the visually impaired in their day to day lives. A visit here makes one understand and value what it is to live without one's eyesight and to come to the realisation how their other senses intensify with the disappearance of one.

Wine Tasting at the Invisible Museum, Budapest

A group wine tasting program is held as a part of the exhibition. In complete darkness guests are given their choice of wine to taste, so that complete use of the senses of smell and taste is made to enjoy the drinks to the fullest.

Dinner at the Invisible Museum, Budapest

Dinners are served to guests in pitch black darkness so that they are able to fully utilise their senses of smell and taste. Both two and four course dinners are available. Reservations must be done ahead of time for booking a table for the dinner.

How To Reach Invisible Museum, Budapest

By Metro: You can reach the Millenaris Park by taking Metro 2.

By Tram: Trams 18, 59 and 61 will take you to Szell Kalman ter and Trams 4 and 6 to Szena ter.

By Bus: Bus 5, 16, 102 and 139 will take you to Szell Kalman ter.

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