How To Reach Bordeaux

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How to Reach Bordeaux

Bordeaux is easily accessible by flights.To travel from its neighbouring cities, towns and village, trains and busses are a good option

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How to Reach Bordeaux from India

Flights from Delhi,Chennai and Mumbai to Bordeaux are available with airlines such as Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Emirates, KLM, Air France, British Airways, Etihad and Aeroflot.On an average a seventeen hour flight with two stops is found. A few of these airlines have a longer route, or the connecting flight plies after several hours.

How to reach Bordeaux by flight

The A_roport Bordeaux M_rignac enables direct flight conectivity to Bordeaux from other places around the world

How to reach Bordeaux by road

Taxi services are available to and from the airport.Rental cars can be opted for reaching Bordeaux via A10 and A63 highway while coming from a nearby city.From 08:00 hours to 10:00 hoursand 16:00 hours to 19:00 hours areusually congested and hence driving at these hours must be avoided.

How to reach Bordeaux by train

The Gare Saint Jean railway station is located some 4km away from the center of the city and has several trains plying per day (every two hours)and provides for an excellent connectivity with its neighbouring cities.

How to reach Bordeaux by bus

A decent connectivity by busses, the long distance bus services stop southeast of the train station along Rue des Terres de Borde.

How to reach Bordeaux by Waterways

Various cruises, specifically the Hotel Barges promise a luxurious experience while travelling form one city to another in France. Ferries are also available but they ply between locations within the city than inter city.

Local transport in Bordeaux

To move around the city, bus network is an extremely conveninent and well connected option and there are three tram routes serving every region. Bus and tram services stay closed on May 1st (celebrated as the Labour day) and costs EUR 1.50. A one day pass is for EUR 4.60 and a 7 day pass is for EUR 13.20. The Batcub( it is a ferry service) run between Lormont Bas, Les Hangars, Quinconces and Place Stalingrad.Fares are the same as for buses and trams.All passes are valid across these three mediums. Trans-Gironde bus network and regional railways are other options for travelling to the suburbs, though are infrequent in nature.

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