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Food of Berhampur

While you are in Berhampur, you can take the advantage of the opportunity to slurp some delicious pickles which are famous all over the country. Besides these, you can try Badis and papads to feed the cravings of the foodie in you. Berhampur also has some of the freshest and juiciest fruits. One of the most relished food delicacies in Berhampur is the unusual but surprisingly tasty combination of puri, served alongside upma and topped with tangy curry. Not only is it the staple breakfast food preference for most locals in Berhampur, but it also happens to be a must-try for travellers visiting the district. The delicacy is unique to Berhampur and remains an epitome of why Berhampur as a city is unlike any other. Another major tourist attraction is the old restaurant named Girija in Berhampur whose chicken pakoras are known to draw in hundreds of people on a weekly basis. They are lip-smackingly delicious and enjoy a monopoly because of their taste which remains unparalleled to such an extent, that now they are in fact, called Girija Pakodas in all of Odisha. 

Here are the top 2 restaurants in Berhampur:

1. Atithi Restaurant

Tata Benz Square, Brahmapur 760004, India 
INR 500

2. Olive Restaurant

Subarao Square, Old ChristianĘStreet,Berhampur, Odisha 760008 

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Berhampur, Odisha
Gopalpur beach, Dhabaleshwar temple and beach
Taratarini temple
near Brahmapur. 7349 105315

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