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Ideal duration: 1 day

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"The silk city"

Berhampur Tourism

Berhampur, also known as Brahmapur is known as the home of Lord Brahma and is usually known as the silk city- the city which is famous for the lustrous ikkat silk sarees in different colours and patterns.

Bomokei patta, named after the village Bomokei where excellent work out of brass and metal is created also is an attraction to the tourists here. Besides these beautiful handicrafts, handlooms and jewelery this city offers some of the best Papads (popadum), pickles, badis and fruits specially mangoes. People here are nowhere behind the line when it comes to theatre, as drama and theatre is a common way to entertain and educate. Ganjam Kala parishad and Prakasam Hall are some of the oldest halls of the city. And for theists there and temples and festivals organized in the vicinity. This city has a lot more than can be listed out. You can choose to flop around beaches and let those sands kiss your feet as the breeze gently enters your soul to whisper the chants of ecstasy.

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More on Berhampur

Odisha saw its first ever cinema hall come to life in this very magical city of Berhampur, back in 1927. Sri Sitaram Vilas Talkies (SSVT) established at Berhampur, was the first cinema hall of Odisha, founded by Mr A.B Chetty. The theatre then had a thatched roof and also was a regular venue for staging Telugu dramas, amongst others. The hall was divided into two parts — in front, people sat on the sand, and there were some chairs placed in the rear. Even though the movie hall today is in ruins and needs significant level restoration, it was once undoubtedly, the hub for entertainment and was visited daily by theatre and film enthusiasts.

Odisha's best known spiritual extravaganza, popularly known as the Thakurani Yatra, is a resplendent and grand celebration which takes place every two years in the city of Berhampur to pay tribute to the female deity Ma Budhi Thakurani and celebrate her journey to her father's house in the Desibehera street, in the form of a flower to a temporarily constructed temple. The entire district comes to life with a gorgeous whirlwind of colours, music, theatre acts, happy chitter chatter and family gatherings. The festival is immensely important to the weaving community of Odisha known as the Devangiris and is organised by P. Durga Prasad Desibehera, whose family has been taking part in this celebration for decades.

There are many amazing beaches in Berhampur. The most famous being Gopalpur beach. It is a quiet beach away from the city and the surroundings over here make this a very pleasant place. Another well - known beach here is Dhableshwar beach. Here you can enjoy sailing and surfing. Another beach famous for enjoying a quiet time and beauty is Aryapalli. Taptapani is a famous tourist destination because of its hot water springs.
You can also enjoy nature's beauty at Bankeshwar. It is a beautiful place covered with dense forest and has some sparkling clean water streams that will make you want to stay there forever. Another nature rich place is Mahendragiri. It is a hill and is about 1500 meters tall. It is covered with evergreen forest and has a rivulet called Mahendra Tanaya flowing down the hill. It not only attracts nature lovers but also archaeologists as many artefacts from the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata are found here.

While you are in Berhampur, you can take the advantage of the opportunity to slurp some delicious pickles which are famous all over the country. Besides these, you can try Badis and papads to feed the cravings of the foodie in you. Berhampur also has some of the freshest and juiciest fruits. One of the most relished food delicacies in Berhampur is the unusual but surprisingly tasty combination of puri, served alongside upma and topped with tangy curry. Not only is it the staple breakfast food preference for most locals in Berhampur, but it also happens to be a must-try for travellers visiting the district. The delicacy is unique to Berhampur and remains an epitome of why Berhampur as a city is unlike any other. Another major tourist attraction is the old restaurant named Girija in Berhampur whose chicken pakoras are known to draw in hundreds of people on a weekly basis. They are lip-smackingly delicious and enjoy a monopoly because of their taste which remains unparalleled to such an extent, that now they are in fact, called Girija Pakodas in all of Odisha. 

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Day 1 - Start with a hearty local cuisine breakfast as the place has many food items to offer. Start your trip by seeking blessings from Goddess Maa Sati by visiting her temple Taratarini. Then you can go and visit Mahurikalua to seek blessings from Goddess Maa Shakti. Later, you can go and get refreshed at Taptapani.
Day 2 - Start by visiting the Sri Sri Sri Sidhibinayakya Pitha. Then you can go to Gopalpur beach for some quiet and peaceful time and near it is Dhabaleshwar beach. You can also visit Mahendragiri if you have the jest for nature. Then trace your way to the market as you cannot leave the city without buying silk saris and jewellery.

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Berhampur Reviews

9 months ago by Ram Prasad Tripathy

this city has a lot to offer, be it in clothing, handicrafts or things to eat. Berhampur is famous for its lustrous silk sarees available in large variety and jewellery which glitters to cause twinkle in the eyes of the beholder. There are tasty fruits available around the city specially mangoes, also pickles, papad and Badis are also loved by the tourists.

Review for Shopping in Berhampur, Berhampur

9 months ago by Ram Prasad Tripathy

Gopalpur is the second most popular sea beach in India after Goa. Gopalpur beach is just 16 km from the city and used to be a busy sea port. The crumbling walls, pillars of jetty, fisherman's cove and an old light house come together to create a spectacular landscape.

Review for Gopalpur beach, Dhabaleshwar temple and beach, Berhampur

9 months ago by Ram Prasad Tripathy

Potagarh fort is also known as "the buried fort" as the length of the wall is somewhere between 18 to 20 feet in height and looks dug. This historic specimen of architecture left with the remains of fort houses and buried tunnel specks has deep water streams on three sides.

Review for Potagarh, Berhampur

9 months ago by Ram Prasad Tripathy

Just 13 Km away from the city there is Panchama, a village famous for the Sidhi Binayak or Panchama Ganesh temple. It is at least 600 to 700 old temple of Lord Ganesha. Having a connection with Gajapati king Purushottam dev of 15th Century A.D this shrine is a major attraction in South Odisha. People have blind faith in the power of Sidhi Binayak & this temple.

Review for Panchama, Berhampur

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

A true paradise for nature lovers, religion lovers and shopaholics. Many famous temples here with different presiding deities. The place has an abundance of serene beaches. Famous for its silk sarees.

  What's not so Great?

The place is not apt for all kinds of tourists, teenagers or group of young friends would find this place rather boring. The streets are crowded with chaotic traffic.

For Whom

The place is meant for families and couples. This is not a honeymoon destination but a great place for vacation for couples. This is a family tourist spot as there are temples, museums and a market meant for the women. The beaches here are beautiful so this place is for city dwellers like people from Delhi or drier states like Rajasthan.


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Berhampur is a major important city of Odisha. It has a railway station and well-connected road system. It does not have an airport of its own. There are regular trains available from major cities ... (Read More)

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