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deaf dumb 1 year ago
Its a very good place to visit. Here foods are delicious and spicy.
Ram Prasad Tripathy 2 years ago
this city has a lot to offer, be it in clothing, handicrafts or things to eat. Berhampur is famous for its lustrous silk sarees available in large variety and jewellery which glitters to cause twinkle in the eyes of the beholder. There are tasty fruits available around the city specially mangoes, also pickles, papad and Badis are also loved by the tourists.
Ram Prasad Tripathy 2 years ago
Gopalpur is the second most popular sea beach in India after Goa. Gopalpur beach is just 16 km from the city and used to be a busy sea port. The crumbling walls, pillars of jetty, fisherman's cove and an old light house come together to create a spectacular landscape.
Ram Prasad Tripathy 2 years ago
Potagarh fort is also known as "the buried fort" as the length of the wall is somewhere between 18 to 20 feet in height and looks dug. This historic specimen of architecture left with the remains of fort houses and buried tunnel specks has deep water streams on three sides.
Ram Prasad Tripathy 2 years ago
Just 13 Km away from the city there is Panchama, a village famous for the Sidhi Binayak or Panchama Ganesh temple. It is at least 600 to 700 old temple of Lord Ganesha. Having a connection with Gajapati king Purushottam dev of 15th Century A.D this shrine is a major attraction in South Odisha. People have blind faith in the power of Sidhi Binayak & this temple.

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Q. Tell me what is the distance from khalikot college area, and what is the proper location i can put in google map.

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