How to Reach Bach Ma National Park

  • The nearest city to the National Park is Hue, from here you can get a bus that will drop you off at Cau Hai. Public buses that ply the route from Hue to Bach Ma National Park complete the journey in under an hour and a half.
  • The bus fare costs VND 70,000 from Hue and approximately VND 90,000 from Danang.
  • Be aware that the buses will not ferry you the whole way up to the national park owing to treacherous road conditions.
  • The visitors are expected to pay an entrance fee to the park at the visitor's centre, which grants them access to the park as well as a map.
  • Public buses from Hue or Da Nang will drop you off at Cau Hai, 3 km away from the visitor's centre.
  • From Cau Hai, you will have to take local motor taxis, or xe om, to take you the rest of the way to the Bach Ma National Park visitor's centre.

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Local transport in Bach Ma National Park

  • If you opt to stay within the Bach Ma National Park, please be aware of the fact that motorbikes and bicycles are not allowed on the treacherous 16km summit.
  • If you don't mind walking, which is the best way to get around the park, you can ask your accommodation to arrange a transfer for you. 
  • You can also enquire at the tourist reception desk or visitor centre for the same. It is likely to cost you approximately 750.000 VND for a private driver.

Bach Ma National Park Photos

Bach Ma National Park
Bach Ma National Park - Spread Over Several Hectares
Waterfall in Bach Ma National Park
Bach Ma National Park - Opened in 1986

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