Food of Bac Ha

Bac Ha has a wide array of delicious Vietnamese food, starting from its famous Pho or rice noodles and fried rice dishes, with meat, tofu, bamboo, vegetables. You could also try fried spring rolls, noodle soup and pumpkin soup in a few local eateries here. You can try the local food at Thanh Son, Nha San Samu and Ngan Nga restaurant. Typically, the food costs about VND 100000- 200000.

Food for Indians in Bac Ha

Typically, Indian food is very difficult to find in Bac Ha. However, you might find a few vegetarian dishes such as fried bananas, or vegetable rice noodle. A few useful phrases are:

Vegetarian: an chay
Vegetarian food: com chay
Vegetarian restaurant: nha hang com chay
Vegetable: rau
No eggs: khong co trung

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