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"Land of Black Diamond, The City of Brotherhood"

Asansol Tourism

Asansol is the second biggest city in West Bengal, after Kolkata. It is also one of the busiest commercial centres of India and the most populated city in West Bengal. It is located approximately 200 km from Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital. The city’s economy is primarily dependant on its coal and steel industries and railways.

Asansol was ranked 11th among the fastest-growing cities in India. It is known for some significant religious spots, heritage temples and scenic parks.‘Asan’ refers to a species of tree that is usually found growing on the banks of River Damodar. ‘Sol’ translates to land. Asansol has been coined as a combination of these two terms.

The city is located amid two famous rivers - River Ajay and River Damodar. This cosmopolitan city has hot, dry summers and cold, chilly winters. Asansol is primarily a mining and industrial town, that is rapidly emerging as a modern city. Its economy is dependent on its trade and commerce, steel and coal industries and railways. Asansol boasts of the highly flourishing coal industry. It is also home to one of the country’s busiest railways. Well-known industries in the Asansol region include Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Hindustan Cables, Indian Railways, Eastern Coalfields etc. The city offers numerous attractions to visitors and is fast emerging as a tourist circuit.

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Local Culture in Asansol

Present-day Asansol is a blend of people from all across India. Despite practising different customs and religions, the residents live in perfect harmony and show respect for each other’s beliefs.
Language of Asansol
The majority of the people in Asansol speak Bengali, which is also the official language of the state of West Bengal. Additionally, the residents are fluent in Hindi and English as well.
Art and Culture of the Region
The people of Asansol well appreciate music and dance activities. Plenty of workshops and shows are held for cultural enthusiasts.
Several multicuisine food options are available in the cosmopolitan city of Asansol, of which, authentic Bengali cuisine is a significant craving among locals. Travellers can hunt down Chinese, Italian and South Indian cuisines in and around the city as well.
The Asansol Festivities
The Asansol residents celebrate all fairs and festivals with utmost glee and sentiments. Durga Puja is the most important festival in West Bengal and is celebrated with grandeur in Asansol. Other major festivals include Naba Brasho, Charak Puja, Bera Utsav, Kali Puja etc.

Places to Visit in Asansol

Popular places of tourist attraction in Asansol are the Rabindra Bhawan, Nazrul Academy, the Kalyaneshwari Temple, Burnpur Riverside, the Jagannath temple etc.
1. The Kalyaneshwari Temple
The Kalyaneshwari Temple is a popular tourist destination in Asansol. The temple is situated on the boundary that divides West Bengal and Jharkhand and is easily accessible.
2. Nehru Park
Nehru Park is another popular tourist attraction in Asansol. The beautiful greenery and the picturesque locale makes it a must-visit spot for all travellers. The park is located alongside the Damodar River.
3. The Sacred Heart Church
The Sacred Heart Church is flocked by devout Christians and tourists alike for its sacred beauty. It is easily accessible and has lots of shopping complexes nearby.
4. Satabdi Park
Satabdi Park is a famous recreational zone in Asansol. It is frequently visited by families looking to spend quality time. There are plenty of entertainment facilities and amusement park rides that are a hit among children.
5. Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple
5. Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple is built in beautiful shades of orange and white and is touted as a must-visit destination by travellers. The temple is surrounded by water bodies adding to its scenic beauty. It also has several shopping districts in its vicinity.

History of Asansol

The city of Asansol was historically referred to as Assensole, during the British period. Dravidian people constituted the initial settlement in this area. The prevalent Jain temples serve as proof for Jain activities that had occurred more than two thousand five hundred years ago. It is believed that the last Tirthankara of the Jain religion, Mahavira Vardhamana, used to live over here. Consequently, the town and district headquarters came to be known Bardhaman. Eventually, Asansol is also believed to have been part of the Vishnupur kingdom under the Malla dynasty.


Day 1:
Reach Asansol by morning and check in to the hotel. Settle down and freshen up. Visit the Kalyaneshwari Temple and then head to the Nehru Park in the evening. Spend the cold evening time in the scenic park and then head back to the hotel for the night.
Day 2:
Today, you can plan to visit the Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple and the Sacred Heart Church in the first half. After lunch, you can head to the Maithon Dam and then the Satabdi Park for some relaxing time.
Day 3:
This day can be reserved to explore the food and shopping options in Asansol. You can also catch any music or dance performances that are happening in the city.

Tips for Travellers

  • Traffic rules are usually ignored on the streets of Asansol.
  • Travellers are advised to observe caution while on the roads or footpaths.
  • Majority of the public places, like bus stops and markets, tend to get extremely crowded.
  • Travellers who find crowds uncomfortable are advised to avoid these spots.
  • Asansol experiences its maximum rainfall in July.
  • Travellers tend to avoid visiting during this month as the heavy rain disrupts the day-to-day life.

Best Time to Visit Asansol

How to Reach Asansol

How to Reach Overview

Asansol is well connected by rail and road. The Grand Trunk Road connects Asansol to Odisha. It was recently widened as a part of the Golden Quadrilateral Project and now allows three-lane traffic both ways.

How to reach Asansol by flight

The nearest international airport to Asansol is the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata, at a distance of 213 km. The airport is well connected to primary Indian as well as international cities.

How to reach Asansol by train

The Asansol Railway Junction is a part of the Eastern Railway Division. Being one of the oldest divisions of the Indian Railways, it has played a significant role in the rail operations. Asansol Railway Division is the heart of services and is well connected to several cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and even Guwahati.

How to reach Asansol by bus

The Sout Bengal State Transport Corporation runs bus services to Asansol from several cities in West Bengal. Plenty of private bus services are also available.

Local transport in Asansol

Plenty of transport facilities are available in Asansol, making commute reasonably easy. Auto-rickshaws are the best mode of transport to get around the city. The drivers know all the routes and areas very well. Travellers are advised to negotiate the fairs in advance as there are no fixes prices here. You can easily hire an auto-rickshaw off the street. A cheaper alternative is cycle rickshaws that are great for travelling to nearby places. Alternatively, visitors can hire private taxis for their stay over there.

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FAQs on Asansol

What is famous about Asansol?

Asansol offers numerous tourist attractions like temples, heritage sites, damns, amusement parks etc. It is also an excellent choice for educational tourism.

What is not so good about Asansol?

Asansol is densely populated and experiences harsh summers. Travellers who are uncomfortable with big crowds are recommended to avoid public places during peak hours.

Who should visit Asansol?

Asansol is a must-visit destination for heritage enthusiasts. The city has plenty of temples and heritage sites in addition to dams and parks.

What is the best time to visit Asansol?

The best time to visit Asansol is between September and March when the weather is the most pleasant. Asansol experiences winter from December to February. Winters are pleasantly cold and are apt for sightseeing. The summers are incredibly uncomfortable, and the daily maximum temperatures tend to reach 40 degrees Celsius. Monsoon season in Asansol starts in June and goes on until the end of September. Maximum rainfall is experienced in July, owing to which tourists avoid this month.
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What is the best way to reach Asansol?

Asansol is well connected by rail and road. The Grand Trunk Road connects Asansol to Odisha. It was recently widened as a part of the Golden Quadrilateral Project and now allows three-lane traffic both ways.
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What are the places near Asansol?

The top places near to Asansol are Durgapur which is 41 km from Asansol, Santiniketan which is located 74 km from Asansol, Bishnupur which is located 78 km from Asansol, Purulia which is located 72 km from Asansol, Bankura which is located 51 km from Asansol

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