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Diglipur, Andaman Overview

Diglipur, a large island located in the North Andaman area, is an ecological paradise. The island houses rows of tropical forests, mangroves, and lovely beaches rich in exotic marine life. Kalipur Beach, Ross & Smith Islands, Ramnagar Beach, and Pathi Level Beach are all located in Diglipur, which makes it a favourite destination among tourists. The highest point of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Saddle peak, is located at this island, accessible through the Saddle Peak National Park. One can also find the Kalpon river here, the only river to flow through the Andamans. Diglipur is easily reachable from Port Blair; you can take a boat till Aerial Bay Jetty which is near Kalipur in Diglipur.

The Ross and Smith islands, a mysterious mud volcano, and the Saddle Peak National Park are all located within the confines of Diglipur. The Alfred Caves, an elaborate labyrinth of 42 caves spread across Diglipur can satisfy the desires of the adventurous who are willing to undertake the challenging task of exploring and trekking through these caves. For the tourists looking for a relaxing vacation, the shores of Diglipurs offer many wondrous beaches where one can get lost in the beauty of the sea all day long.

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Things to do at Diglipur

If you are looking for fun-filled activities, then the real deal here is snorkelling. There are some exciting snorkelling opportunities for tourists between Kalipur Beach and Craggy Island. The corals near Craggy Island, around 200 metres offshore from Kalipur Beach, are perfect for exploration and having a great underwater experience.

Next up is trekking. It is probably the most-indulged activity in Diglipur and one of the most popular trekking trails is the climb of Saddle Peak, which is the highest peak of the island. The path starts from the beach and then takes you through thick forests to the top.

Places to Visit in Diglipur

Ross and Smith Island:

Situated 20 minutes’ boat ride away from Diglipur, Ross and Smith islands is one of its best attractions. Complete with crystal blue water, coral reefs and an overall scenic abundance, these two islands are a must-visit on your trip. To add to your experience, the two islands are connected with a narrow trail of a white sandbar, which can be walked on.

On both these islands, visitors can enjoy trekking through thick tropical mangrove forests and explore long stretches of white sand beach, along with occasional snorkelling. Entry to the glorious Ross and Smith Islands is free, but you will need prior permission to take the boat trip from Aerial Bay Jetty of Diglipur at INR 50 for Indians and INR 500 for foreigners.

Saddle Peak National Park:

Being the highest peak in the Andamans at 732 metres, Saddle Peak is a much-visited tourist destination, surrounded by the thick evergreen woods of Saddle Peak National Park. Once again, you’d require a permit from the Forest Department to get through which will cost you INR 250. But the trouble is worth it from the peak, as you will be greeted by one of the most spectacular sights of your life - a panoramic bird’s eye view of the North Andamans. The road up there is a  5-6 hours of exciting trekking and you will be occasionally greeting by the stream of Kalpong River.

Alfred Caves:

A collection of 42 caves spread across the town of Diglipur, Alfred Caves offer one of the most difficult trekking opportunities in the Andamans. The trails are steep and narrow and often dangerous, and not suggested for the amateurs or weak-hearted. The caves have no specific timing or entry fees, but it is better to make the journey during the daytime. Take your time with the caves and explore the insides to have a completely unique, adventurous and thrilling experience.

Ram Nagar Beach:

Ram Nagar Beach is beloved because it is one of the less crowded ones in he Andamans, with packed opportunities of pure beach fun. However, if you are a rookie, it is better to be safe as the eaves here are treacherous and the coral reefs are known for being sharp and dangerous. Beyond the beach, there are forests of mangrove to explore if you have time. Otherwise, just a day sunbathing and swimming in the fringes of the sea is a great way to spend a day at Ramnagar Beach. If you are lucky, you might find groups of Olive Ridley Turtles resting and nesting in this beach.

Mud Volcanoes or Jal Tikry:

Located near Hathilevel, around 20 kilometres from the centre of Diglipur, a chain of mud volcanoes locally called Jal Tikry are a great tourist attraction. Nestled amidst the green forests of Shyamnagar, this collection of old and new, active and dormant mud volcanoes present a unique opportunity for you to explore the rarities of Mother Nature. There are no entry fees and trekking can be done all around the day, preferably between sunrise and sunset.

Kalipur Beach:

If you have missed the turtles at Ramnagar Beach, then surely you can compensate it at Kalipur Beach in Diglipur. A major nesting ground for Olive Ridleys during their breeding season, here at this beach you can witness the big and small turtles popping their heads out of the shells and slowly crawling their way around the beach and into the clear water of the sea. The beach itself is also a fascinating sight, with lush warm white sand and lush forests in the background.

Tips for Travelling

  • Try to book your means of transport at least a day before you plan to avail them. There is always a rush and availability does not always match the demand. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Carry identifications with you on day trips as well since you will need to take permissions to enter certain attractions.
  • Don’t carry heavy luggage. There are luggage restrictions on boats and helicopters. It will be easier for you to travel light anyway.

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