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Timings : 11 AM - 6 PM (Sun-Thurs) ; 11 AM - 7 PM (Fri-Sat)

Time Required : 1 hour 20 minutes

Entry Fee : Walk up ticket price for an adult - 24 EUR; Online ticket price - 19 EUR; Children (10-15 yrs) - 16.50 EUR; Children (below 10 yrs) - Entry not permitted

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Amsterdam Dungeon, Amsterdam Overview

Following the similar concept of the ever famous London Dungeon, Amsterdam Dungeon has gained widespread popularity all across the world for it unravels the perilous past of Netherlands. With multiple live shows, attractions and amusing characters, one is bound to have a fantastic time if they decide to visit this dungeon.

Situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam Dungeon is maintained and operated by a UK based company - Merlin Entertainments. The company through several dungeons across the country including this one attempts to show the bleak historical times of the country through special effects featuring in unique live shows, rides, and scenes from Dutch 17th century such as the Plague, the Medieval torture, and Rembrandt workshop. So, if you wish to learn more about the history of this city while having a lot of fun at the same time, then Amsterdam Dungeon is just the place you might want to visit.
The actors at this place escort visitors from the entrance and right up till the last stop, i.e. the gift shop. Throughout the tour, you can expect to get minor scares in the form of loud banging sounds and sudden objects popping up in your way to frighten you. Though they are harmless and with actors cracking jokes filled with black humour and the eerie yet innovative setting, you are bound to have a great laugh during your visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon.


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Timings for Amsterdam Dungeon

Thursday to Sunday - 11 AM to 6 PM

Fridays and Saturdays - 11 AM to 7 PM 

The total duration of the tour lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Ticket Prices for Amsterdam Dungeon

  • Adults (bought at the desk) - EUR 24

  • Adults (bought online) - EUR 19 EUR online 

  • Children (below 15 years of age) - EUR 16.50 

To avoid standing in long queues and gain access to tickets at a discounted price, visitors can now book their tickets online.

Due to this place being a horror theatre show, children below the age of 10 years are not permitted entry in Amsterdam Dungeon while children below 13 years are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Live shows at Amsterdam Dungeon

Torture Chamber at the Amsterdam dungeon

Featuring many live shows at various locations, one can expect to have a fantastic time with other' fellow victims' in this dungeon. With just the right light and sound effects and actors barely visible, the old fashioned thrill of walking in the unknown territory is ever-present here. 

Some of the live shows that one can expect to witness at Amsterdam Dungeon include Ship's Doctor (here one will see brutalities of ship doctor's field surgery at sea that took place in the 18th century), a ghost story of a witch who was tortured and burned viciously at the Dam Square in 16th century depicted through animation and special effects. Rembrandt workshop is also another famous activity of the Amsterdam Dungeon that shows vivisection of human corps and is known to creep out the visitors.

Attractions at the Amsterdam Dungeon

The Dungeon of Horrors shop at Amsterdam Dungeon

The tour of the Amsterdam Dungeon begins with the descent through the medieval lift that leads down to the dark vaults of the dungeon; with sounds of grinding chains that give the illusion of a witch straining the lift. The torture chamber, as its name suggests, is a creepy room where the visitors can expect to be in complete darkness with a sadistic torturer implementing scary corporal punishments. The next on the stop is Magic Musico bar wherein a free drink is served with warnings of the horrors that visitors should anticipate.

Next in line is the Seance show filled with fearful game of Ouija board that will enable people to get in touch with the afterlife. Amsterdam Dungeon’s Court of law where one is stood on a trial for multiple crimes including witchcraft, a visit to tannery cellar on Zeedijk street and Gallow field of corpses, and witnessing a with burning while tied to a stake, are some other events that visitors get to enjoy here. Amsterdam Dungeon also has its very own gift shop called ‘The Dungeon of Horrors’ filled with creepy and scary gift items which visitors can buy to give a mild scare to their peers.

History of Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon Church, Amsterdam

In 2006, Amsterdam dungeon was built in a historic church that is owned by the Dutch Reformed Church and rented by UK-based company Merlin entertainment. About 7.5 million euros were spent at the time of this attraction’s construction. Several gothic elements dating as far as 1912 were incorporated in the architecture of this church; with some even visible in the scenes of the live shows displayed here.  

This church is hugely significant to the history of the country for it is in this spot that the Vatican Eucharistic Miracle of Amsterdam occurred in 1345. To honour this event, the Catholic Silent Procession (called ‘Stille Omgang’ in Dutch) walks down the streets of Amsterdam at sundown of Saturday that comes after Mirakelfeest (which takes place on the first Wednesday that comes after March 12) each year.

The original church was reconstructed into a much bigger church in 1912. One of the many remarkable aspects of this church is the archaeological discoveries that were made during its adaption into the dungeon. Discovery of 200 graves that were buried in the chapel of this church centuries ago is one such example.

How To Reach Amsterdam Dungeon

One can easily reach this place through taxi, their personal vehicles such as a car, or public transportation facilities of the city like trams, trains, or buses.

By Walk: Amsterdam Dungeon is a 5-minute walk away from the Dam Square and 15 minutes from the Amsterdam Central Station. 

By Tram: One can travel from Central station through tram lines 4, 9, 16, 24, and 25, which stop at Rokin station that is merely a few minutes away from the dungeon. The city tram line 14 also stop at Rokin station.

By Bus: Bus lines 170 and 172 and Intercity and Sprinter train lines also stop at stations that are a walking distance from Amsterdam Dungeon.

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