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Timings : 10 AM to 6 PM all year

Time Required : 1-2 days

Entry Fee : Entrance ticket EUR 42 per person

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Efteling Park, Amsterdam Overview

One of the most widely known theme parks in Europe, the Efteling Park is situated in the heart of the Netherlands. An hour from the main city of Amsterdam, this Park has been modelled on old Dutch fairy tales and lore. The park also has a themed hotel and holiday parks, aside from a theatre and numerous rides.

The Efteling Park, when it was initially opened in 1952, would only stay open during summer months, but since 2010 the Park authorities have decided to keep it open all year round with a ‘Winter Efteling’ theme in place during November through February. Efteling not only has some of the most innovative rides, it’s open spaces and greenery made it a wonderful place to spend the day.

The park has now become one part of the Efteling Resort, which included the hotel, a golf course, a theatre and much more. Divided into five parts, or ‘realms’ as they are called, the Park has different kinds of rides in each realm, interspersed by water bodies, green spaces and fountains. In 1971 the Efteling Park was the first ever theme park to be conferred the Pomme d’Or award, the highest award in the European tourist industry.

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Website to Book Tickets for Efteling Park
Entrance ticket is EUR 42 per person, children up to 3 years old get free entry. 
Parking tickets are EUR 10 
If you order entrance tickets online on the website directly, you will get a small discount and will skip the queue to the ticket booths.

Rides you Can’t Miss at Efteling Park

1. Droomvlucht

droomvlutch, dark ride, efteling park

A dark-themed ride which takes you through a mythical world of fairies and elves, this ride has been meticulously designed with actual waterworks and flora. Meant to be primarily a children’s ride, the intricacies and detailing on this ride make it worth your while, no matter what your age.

2. Sprookjesbos

spooky forest, efteling park, amusement

An open-air theme forest, the Sprookjesbos allows you to walk around and discover characters from Dutch folklore. With talking trees, gnomes and sleeping giants, this exhibit is fun to explore.

3. Pagode

pagode, ride, efteling park

This rotating platform ride is one of the most popular ones in the Park. It takes seven minutes to complete, and you can witness the entire Park spanning out below you, it is truly a breath-taking view.

4. Villa Volta

haunted house, Efteling park

A haunted house attraction, the Villa Volta is not one for the faint-hearted. Riddled with ghosts and other entities, this cursed villa promises to get your adrenaline pumping.

5. Baron 1898

Rollercoaster, Baron 1898, Efteling park

One of the most exciting roller coaster rides in the Park, the Baron 1898 is set in the backdrop of haunted mines where you are looking for treasure. It hangs you mid-air before plummeting down a steep dive into the dark mines, and is sure to make you scream.

Places to Eat near Efteling Park

The Park has a lot of options when it comes to food. With little stalls located at short distances from each other, you can grab some food at a fairly inexpensive price.

Pinokkio’s Restaurant is a proper sit-down place which specialises in Italian food. Polles Keuken is known for its sweet and savoury pancakes. On the pricier side, Wapen van Reveleijn has three-course a-la-carte meals starting at EUR 30 for adults.

Where to Stay at Efteling Park

theme hotel, efteling park, places to stay

If you plan to explore the park properly, it is recommended you stop-over at one of Eftelling’s many hotels for a night. The Efteling hotel has themed rooms which promise to bring out the child in you. Other than that there are several vacation houses and hotels you can look up around the area. Most rooms start at EUR 250 for a night.

How To Reach Efteling Park

From Amsterdam by train to Den Bosch (also known as ‘s-Hertogenbosch) and catch a 35 minute long Bus 300 to Tilburg that goes directly to the park.

You can also download the Efteling Park app or use their website ( to help you navigate your way there.

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