Best Time To Visit Akaroa

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What is the best time to visit Akaroa?

The best time to visit Akaroa is from December to March, which is the summer season in New Zealand. During this time, cool weather enables an enjoyable experience for warm weather travellers. June, July and August are too humid for travellers to have a good time here.

It should be noted, however, that during March, July and June, the regular overflow of tourists may lead to an increase in hotel and flight prices. As opposed to that, visiting in November or December may benefit visitors not only because of the cool and dry weather (it usually rains only 3-5 times a month), but also because they may get better deals on flights and hotels.

Weather in Akaroa


Upcoming Akaroa Weather

Monthly Weather in Akaroa

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 20°/ 12° 1 days
February 21°/ 13° 2 days
March 18°/ 11° 2 days
April 17°/ 10° 4 days
May 17°/ 11° 4 days
June 13°/ 8° 6 days
July 13°/ 8° 8 days
August 13°/ 6° 5 days
September 14°/ 7° 7 days
October 15°/ 8° 7 days
November 19°/ 11° 5 days
December 19°/ 12° 2 days

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