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6 months ago
Best place in INDIA. What a beauty and unique market. I am having lots off love Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah. Sukoon Hai Yahaan toh bohot achhi jagah hai for touring.


on Ajmer Sharif 3 years ago
Good experience with this application.

Ayush Baheti

3 years ago
- Sunscreen, umbrellas, sun glasses will do the trick in any season. Nights get pretty cold in the winters so woollens are a must

Bobby Gujral

3 years ago
Really Good Place For Tourists

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Q. Can someone help me with Ajmer Sharif etiquette? What should I do and what should I not?

Kaveesh Nair

3 years ago
The basics are that you should cover your head, and be modestly clothed, nothing flashy or showy. Apart from that, you can buy roses and rose water to lay on the grave while making your dua. Be polit (Read More)e and don't use suggestive language. And that's pretty much it.
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