The Buddhist Caves, Ajanta and Ellora Caves Overview

Shrines and paintings of Buddha, all encompassed in about 12 Buddhist caves.

The 12 Buddhist Caves mostly include viharas or monasteries. In these caves, several monasteries have shrines that are carved with paintings and sculptures of Buddha, Bodhisattva and Saints. Among all, Chaitya hall Cave 10 popularly known as the 'Carpenter's Cave' is the most famous Buddhist cave. This cave features a cathedral-like stupa hall, which is called as chaityas. In the centre of this cave, there is 15-feet high statue of Buddha. Chaitya has a pillared verandah (gallery), which houses two shrines and a single cell. A stupa, with 3.3 m high Buddha seated in Vyakhyana mudra, is carved in the apsidal part of the cave.

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