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Agra Fort
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Agra Fort was built by Emperor Akbar in 1573
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Intricately carved pillars inside one of the structures at Agra Fort
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Entry to the magnificent Agra Fort (Source)
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Inside the historical Agra Fort (Source)
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The grand Agra Fort is the perfect example of Mughal art and architecture (Source)
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Marble canopy, or jharokhas near Emperor Akbar's Dias (Source)
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Agra Fort is so massive that it is often referred to as a walled city (Source)
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Also known as Lal –Qila, Fort Rouge or Qila-i-Akbari, Agra Fort is a symbol of Agra (Source)
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Located on the right bank of the River Yamuna, Agra Fort is made entirely of red sandstone (Source)

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