13 Spots to Watch An Amazing Sunrise in Sydney

Watching a sunrise in Sydney is guaranteed to be a really memorable experience, whether you are a local or a visitor to this beautiful city, provided you don't mind getting up early. Sydney's dawn time will change depending on the season and daylight saving time. However, the sunrise will often occur at about 6 AM., give or take an hour. The latest it can be is 7:30 AM in April, at the finish of daylight saving time.

1. North Head


Positioned merely towards the east of Manly is North Head. There lies Fairfax Walk, with several vantage points to relax and enjoy the view of the sea cliffs as the sun comes up over the water. It's a quick, short stroll with parking just at the trailhead and wheelchair accessibility so late sleepers can rejoice. You might even see some breaching whales from May to November. A ferry to Manly Wharf followed by a stroll to North Head would be gorgeous if you'd prefer an earlier dawn, a little more of a hike, and a cafe-style coffee. The resident penguins of the wharf can be viewed if you go at the perfect time of day!

2. South Head


In eastern Sydney, you will discover South Head, near Watsons Bay. South Head offers a breathtaking view and sheer ocean cliffs, just like its northern counterpart. The quirky Hornby Lighthouse is lovely to sit by as the sun rises in Sydney. It can be reached via the South Head Heritage Trail. A quick walk will provide views of the beach and harbour and a glimpse into the area's past.

There is no chance of your morning coffee spilling because the trail is a leisurely stroll with modest hills and some steps that begin just a short distance from the Camp Cove parking lot or the Watsons Bay ferry wharf. However, beware of the fencelessness! While it enhances the views without fences blocking the beauty, steer clear of the cliff edges and obey all the signs!

3. The Gap


If you want to see the loveliest ocean cliff views in Sydney, go to Gap, a section of the South Head peninsula. If you make the journey to the summit, you won't be disappointed; as you take in the 360-degree views, you'll be able to see the Tasman Sea to the east and the harbour to the west. It will be a memorable experience if you can keep your eyes open to see the sun rise over the lake and spill into the Sydney skyline. From Watsons Bay ferry wharf, the Gap Bluff is a quick and incredibly simple easterly hike. It includes a few simple routes that go through native coastal flora. It will be simple to find your way around, even in the early morning fog.

4. Shangri La Hotel


Far above the harbour in opulent surroundings, awaken to a breathtaking dawn. The most incredible views of the sunrise in Sydney can be seen from the rooms of the five-star Shangri-La Hotel. Enjoy breakfast in bed while watching the sky become gold and reflect off the sea and Sydney Opera House, or relax in the standalone tub with a view of the city.

If you don't want to miss the sunrise but are a bit lazy to go too far, try the premium deluxe rooms in the Shangri La Hotel! When it comes to the view, you can't fault it because it is definitely what you pay for. Since the windows are double-glazed, be cautious of reflections if you plan to shoot pictures from them.

5. Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach should be your next stop if you're in Sydney for more than just a city visit. Summer sunrises cast a golden hue on the ocean and early-morning surfers as the sun rises towards the right of Ben Buckler Headland. So take that early morning swim, a walk by the coast, or sign up for the local yoga session. While the headland will initially obstruct the sun's early ascent during all other months but the months of November through January, this does not lessen the significance of your sunrise in Sydney.

One of Sydney's most Instagrammable locations is the Bondi Icebergs! Viewing the sun soar over the lovely saltwater pool during the early hours is simply unmissable. As the sun rises over the horizon, the sky will take on a pinkish tinge, casting light beams onto the ocean. Despite the early hour, you won't be alone because this is undoubtedly one of the best places in Sydney to see the sunrise.

6. Bronte Beach


Just as stunning as Bondi Beach, just less crowded and a bit smaller, is Bronte Beach, just 3km from Bondi Beach. To say the very least, Bronte's ocean pool is just breathtaking and makes for a fantastic photo at any time of day. However, there is something magical about it during the morning. If you're feeling imaginative, you may make all kinds of fascinating fence and water patterns, and lots of enjoyable shadow plays.

From the CBD, it takes about 25 to 30 minutes to drive. The quickest way to get to Bronte from Bondi is to take a train, followed by a bus.

7. Observatory Hills, The Rocks


Take a stroll through The Rocks in the early morning and ascend to Observatory Hill and watch the beautiful sunrise in Sydney. The historic district beneath and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are engulfed in a soft golden glow as you observe from the pergola or a grassy area on the slope.

The biggest movers and shakers throng to the sea for lengthy lunches and extended cocktail hours, drawing nonstop traffic to their stunning views and eating scene. However, the location of a genuinely stunning dawn, Observatory Hill, may not be as well known to you as you think. Take in the vista from the top of Lower Fort Street, where Luna Park and the Harbour Bridge will glow in the early morning light.

8. Balmoral


A place like Balmoral can be visited at any time of the day for a gorgeous view. However, watching the sunrise in Sydney over the headlands is something you must experience at least once if you want a truly magical experience. Balmoral Beach and Edwards Beach are the two divisions of the area, and both sides provide the best coastal views. So bring a few coffees and enjoy the experience. It's not unusual to see the birds settling on the lake to enjoy the spectacle. Balmoral's beauty is either an 11-minute drive or a long walk away for those seeking an energetic start to the day.

9. Narrabeen Tidal Pool


A hidden gem, Narrabeen has a wooden pier encircling the pool that is a beautiful place to watch the sunrise and an excellent way to start the day. Narrabeen Tidal Pool is among the top favourites for watching the sunrise in Sydney since it is home to one of Sydney's prettiest rock pools. It's among the most epic spots to start your day because it has a wooden dock that borders the pool and a breathtaking view of the horizon.

It is one of the farthest places on this list and takes around 40 minutes to get there from the CBD, but it is well worth the trip. While it would take some time to go to the beach from Wynyard, there are other public transportation choices.

10. Wendy’s Garden


Even if it sounds like something out of a children's book, this breathtaking morning lookout is real. This place offers a quirky dawn, just like its name. In Lavender Bay, there is a little piece of heaven called Wendy's Secret Garden, which is made up of several smaller gardens. A charming nook near Lavender Bay, this garden offers enormous ferns, figs, lilies, and some breathtaking views of the famed harbour, making it one of the city's most incredible spots to enjoy the early morning sun.

When staying at Glenferrie Lodge in Kirribilli, you must visit this garden, which is Sydney's worst-kept secret. Have ample time at hand to travel the short distance of 1 km from Glenferrie Lodge to this lovely location, which will be illuminated by some of the morning's early rays.

11. Glebe Foreshore Walk


If you prefer a more gorgeous sunrise in Sydney than the one over the beach, head to Glebe's Foreshore Walk. Locals in the Inner West stroll and jog along Glebe Foreshore Walk as it surrounds Bicentennial Park. Hit the route early to enjoy a traditional Sydney sunrise framed by the city's skyline. Then, take a moment to admire the sight of this contemporary building sticking out through the sparkling dawn across from Anzac Bridge.

12. Hickson Road Reserve, The Rocks


Almost every crevice and corner of The Rocks is breathtaking. But if you want to see another one of the best sunrises, go to Hickson Road Reserve, which is right in the middle of the neighbourhood. You'll have a spectacular view of the historic opera house across the harbour as the sun rises behind it, providing an unmistakably classic sunrise in Sydney.

13. Palm Beach Lighthouse


For a distinctively Australian sunrise, there isn't a better one than Palm Beach. If you've got the stamina, climb the lighthouse for unparalleled views of the two beaches in the wee hours of the morning. Turquoise blue waters, thick pine trees, and sparkling white sands distinguish the beach in Palm Beach. Palm Beach is one of Sydney's nicest suburbs and is located near the city's northernmost seaside point. So why not treat yourself to breakfast at The Boathouse if you're feeling a bit peckish?

Sydney is incredibly lucky to be home to so many amazing locations close to one another. If you organise your sunrise in Sydney quest properly, you may visit a different region of the city each morning when the daylight reveals the stunning location you have the rest of the day to discover.

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