Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Overview

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark of the city that connects the North Shore Sydney with the CBD. Built in 1932, the combination of the bridge, the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House has become the most popular portrait of Sydney. It is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.

Aerial View of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge connects North and South Sydney (Source)

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, before the Sydney Opera House came into existence, was the city's foremost landmark. At a length of 1,149 metres, it is the world’s sixth longest arch bridge. The arch bridge shape of this heritage-listed monument has earned it the nickname ‘Coathanger’. It is one of the most photographed landmarks of the city, but the beautiful views captured from the bridge, specifically the top, make it worth the visit. Along with holding one of the widest roads of the bridges of the world, the Sydney Harbour Bridge also holds a railway line and a pedestrian walkway. However, the most popular activity at the bridge is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, where you climb up the southern half of the bridge to a height of 134 metres, sure to give you an amazing 360 view of the most happening part of Sydney. You can also visit the bridge’s other tourist attractions found at the Southeast Pylon. Whether you want to explore Aboriginal culture, the history of the bridge or just enjoy a magical view from the numerous vantage points of this massive bridge, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an integral part of the city and a Sydney must-visit.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Tourists climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Bridge Climb at the Sydney Harbour Bridge gives you one of the best views of the Harbour and City (Source)

To get the most of your visit to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you must attempt the Bridge Climb. While the climb itself is easy and exhilarating, it is the 360 view of Sydney you’ll get with every step that makes it worth the effort. You can do the climb starting from dawn all the way to the night, with a special twilight climb also being offered. The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was started in 1998, and has quickly become the top activity of this magnificent bridge, offering 3 climb options for English-speaking tourists, and 2 specially customised climbs for Mandarin-speaking tourists. Come enjoy an unforgettable climb up one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, and leave with memories you’ll cherish forever. A group photo is available at the end of each climb, as well as various souvenirs, depending on the option you pick.

1. BridgeClimb Sampler (available in English):
Duration: 1.5 Hours,
Number of Steps: 556,
Cost: Adults: AUD 174, Children: AUD 148,

2. BridgeClimb Express (available in English and Mandarin):
Duration: 2.25 Hours,
Number of Steps: 1002,
Cost: Adults: AUD 268, Children: AUD 188,

3. BridgeClimb (available in English and Mandarin):
Duration: 3.5 Hours,
Number of Steps: 1332,
Cost: Adults: AUD 268, Children: AUD 188

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walkway

Pedestrian Walkway at Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Pedestrian Walkway at the Sydney Harbour Bridge Helps People Enjoy the Bridge on Foot and Cycles, without affecting traffic (Source)

The pedestrian walkway of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, extending from the Bridge Stairs at the Rocks all the way to Milsons Point, offers some gorgeous views of the nearby Sydney Opera House and the Harbour, along with the surrounding cityscape and the magnificent skyline of Sydney. It runs for a length of about 2.5 kilometers along the eastern side of the bridge, where you will find loads of visitors taking in the beauty of the city from this unique spot.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon

The southeast section of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is perfect if you want to experience the history and beauty associated with the bridge, without making the long walk or bridge climb. Here are just some of the main attractions:
  • Pylon Lookout: Treat yourself to some of the most mesmerising sights available from the bridge at 87 metres above sea level. It is the perfect alternative to the bridge climb, in terms of money and time. Timings: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Cost: AUD 8.5 - AUD 15
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Museum: Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, from history to construction to structure.
Additionally, there is also an Aboriginal Museum and a charming cafe situated in the area.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts

  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is colloquially called the ‘Coathanger’ due to its arch shape.
  • It is the sixth longest arch shape bridge in the world, spanning a length of 1,149 metres
  • It was modelled after the Hell Gate bridge in New York
  • At a height of 134 metres, it is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.
  • Until 2012, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the world’s widest long-span bridge.
  • It took 8 years and 1400 men to complete construction of the bridge.
  • 16 people died during the construction of this bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge History

Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge began in 1924 though the idea of opening a bridge to connect the Northern and Southern shores was being thought over for almost a century. The iconic arch of the bridge was completed in 1930, with the being officially opened in 1932. It was nicknamed the Iron Lung during the Depression Era, as it provided employment for many people during this troubled period. It was declared an International Historic Civil Engineers Landmark in 1988, and granted heritage-listing in 1999, and remains one of Australia’s greatest and most popular symbols.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Architecture

The iconic steel arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge runs a length of 504 metres, with a height reaching upto about 134 metres. It was the last part of the bridge to be built. At either ends of the arch stand 4 granite pylons, measuring 89 metres. Six million hand-driven rivets are used to keep the bridge together, and have done so for almost a century.

How To Reach Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge connects the Northern and Southern shores of Sydney, from Milsons Point in the North to the Rocks in the South. For those looking to enjoy the Tourist Centre in the Southeastern Pylon, you will have to enter through the Rocks area, one of the city’s most happening place. You can use the following methods to reach the bridge.
  • By Train: The Circular Quay Station, accessible by trains T1, T2, T3, T7 and T8, is the closest train station to the Southeastern Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • By Bus: The Circular Quay Bus Stop at Alfred Street, accessible by buses 333, 333N, 392, 394, 396, 397, 399, L94, X94 and X97, is the closest bus stop to reach the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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