Places to Visit in Sydney

Here is the list of 26 Places to Visit in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House
4.5 /5

The Sydney Opera House, a famous tourist spot in Sydney, is a performing arts centre situated in Bennelong point. Symbolic of the city, it is a must-visit for people who have a taste for great architecture and design. Considered to be one of the masterpieces of world architecture, it stands out beautifully with its sail-shaped rooftop, attracting tourists worldwide. With almost 40 shows a week, visitors can plan a day of artistic experience combined with lip-smacking dishes and great drinks from the various eateries and bars in the area.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge
4.7 /5

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark of the city that connects the North Shore Sydney with the CBD. Built in 1932, the combination of the bridge, the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House has become the most popular portrait of Sydney. It is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.

3. Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour
4.6 /5

One of the most popular places to visit in Sydney, Darling harbour ensures its crowd by offering wonderful experiences from exciting water sports to dazzling fireworks. In addition, the harbour is famous for its fantastic collection of restaurants, a string of shopping centres where one can shop to their heart's content and explore an assortment of experiences such as exploring the National Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium and Zoo, Chinese garden of Friendship and more.

4. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach
4.6 /5

Sydney is known for its beaches, and none is more popular than the Bondi. Stretching for almost 1 kilometre on the coast of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, it is perhaps Australia’s most famous beach, owing to its golden shoreline, laidback beach culture and waves that make it a haven for surfers. Some of the major things to do at the beach include enjoying the sunrise at Ben Buckler point, snorkelling, surfing and taking a swim in the Bondi icebergs, among others.

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5. The Rocks

The Rocks
4.3 /5

The Rocks is one of the oldest suburbs of the city, which is also considered to be the birthplace of present-day Sydney. Seated by the harbour, it boasts a rich cultural history and is home to some of the first pubs of Australia, original settlements and much more. One can enjoy a laid-back holiday here, learning the city's history while also exploring some of the major attractions here, such as the Cadmans Cottage, the Sydney Observatory, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rocks Market and many others.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens
4.7 /5

Located next to the iconic Sydney Harbour, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are a massive green space found close to the hustle and bustle of the city’s CBD. Spanning about 30 hectares, these gardens provide a tranquil setting to enjoy a picnic and some fresh air as you are treated to scenic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Harbour.

7. Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower
4.4 /5

The Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in the city and forms a prominent part of Sydney's skyline. Featuring a shopping centre, restaurants and entertainment facilities, the prime attraction of the tower is the Sydney Tower Eye, an observation deck 250 metres above the ground, granting visitors an unforgettable view of Sydney’s cityscape.

8. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
4.3 /5

Exploring the spectacular beauty of marine life at its best in Sea Life Sydney Aquarium for 2 hours is one of the best things to do if underwater life is something one might truly enjoy. Home to more than 4000 marine species, the aquarium also does a wonderful job of conserving endangered species in Australia. Apart from observing the marine life, there are multiple other experiences to try, such as private dining with your loved ones, shark dives, virtual reality tours, learning about rescues and enjoying the penguin exhibit, among others.

9. Circular Quay

Circular Quay
4.3 /5

Circular Quay is an absolutely buzzing place. From cafes, restaurants and little shops to street performers dazzling the onlookers and tourists rushing for harbour cruises, it's quite the place to be. Offering spectacular views of both the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is a vibrant neighbourhood that attracts many tourists due to its close proximity to many major attractions in Sydney.

10. Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building
4.5 /5

Built-in 1898, Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is an architectural marvel built in the Romanesque Revival style, housing some of the best and up-scale shopping brands. The interiors of the building are equally spectacular and look down upon more than 180 stores where you can shop for fashion, jewellery, art, homewares and much more. Worry not when tired; the place also has fine dining where one can relax, dine, drink, and continue shopping again!

11. Chinatown

4.3 /5

With a rich history of Chinese immigrant settlements in the 1800s, Chinatown in Sydney, located near Darling harbour, is one of a kind and the place to go to for anything Chinese or Asian. With various night markets and live music nights, the place comes to life during Asian festivals, especially during the Lunar new year. A town of its own, China Town has various attractions, including the Capitol theatre to experience various events, the Chinese Garden of Friendship filled with serene and lush greenery, eateries and teahouses offering authentic and scrumptious Asian delicacies and speciality stores for every kind of shopping.

12. Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island
4.4 /5

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Cockatoo Island, has a rich and deep cultural history and breathtaking views of its surroundings. That being said, apart from the learning experiences, the island also offers ample number of activities to its visitors, some of which include taking a relaxing ferry around the island, participating in guided tours about the island's history, exploring the various heritage buildings, and staying overnight in a camping ground. Or one can have a laidback day out, experiencing the island's beauty and strolling around. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to walk around the island, and with the help of a guidebook, the island is all yours to explore!

13. Royal National Park

Royal National Park
4.7 /5

Situated in the south of Sydney, true to its name, the Royal National Park treasures some of the most precious gems of Australia, which are truly sites to marvel at. For people looking for camping in the park or just a fun and adventurous day out, the park has excellent experiences to offer everyone. Some things to do in the park include visiting the figure 8 pools, rowing through the hacking river, hiking up to the Curracurrong falls, and trekking across some beautiful trails there – the Coast track, the forest path, and the providential point walk.

14. Australian Museum

Australian Museum
4.5 /5

Situated on College Street, Darlinghurst, the Australian Museum is the country's oldest standing museum, globally reputed for its natural history and anthropology collections. The museum offers a variety of learning experiences, some of which include the history of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, climate change, sustainability, life science and earth science. One can also see the magnificent and jaw-dropping dinosaur models and fossils here, an interesting attraction for many.

15. St. Mary's Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral
4.7 /5

Considered to be very important for the Catholic community, St. Mary’s Cathedral has a very high religious significance and is also the seat of the Archbishop of Sydney. The cathedral has around 3000 people visiting it on a daily basis and is located close to Hyde Park. The cathedral also offers a free guided tour at 2 PM every Sunday.

16. Hyde Park

Hyde Park
4.6 /5

The oldest park in Australia, Hyde park spreads over 16 hectares and is the perfect place for relaxing alone or having a fun picnic with loved ones. With picturesque walking trails, ample shade and lush greenery, Hyde park attracts large crowds ranging from kids to elders. The Archibald fountain, ANZAC War memorial, Memorial pond and many statues of significance are some of the park's main attractions. The park is also home to various festivals and events around the year, which usually calls for fun and frolic!

17. Dharawal National Park

Dharawal National Park
4.4 /5

A protected national park in Maddens Plains, Dharawal National Park offers several beautiful trails for hiking of varying difficulty. Some of the most famous trails with spectacular views include the Jingga walking track, Minerva Pool walking track, Maddens Falls walk, O’Hares Creek Lookout, Appin MTB trail and others. Since Dharawal is an aboriginal land, some sections have rules and restrictions to look out for, such as only women and children being allowed to enter the water. Knowing all these before going on a hike there is a must to avoid conflicts. For first-timers, it is advised to take short and easy trails for convenience.

18. Hornby Lighthouse

Hornby Lighthouse
4.6 /5

A heritage-listed lighthouse on the edge of South Head in Sydney Harbour National Park, the Hornby Lighthouse is a spectacular sight to look at while surrounded by even more spectacular views. The nearby area also has a beautiful trail to walk along with in a picturesque location, serving as a great place to hang out with friends and family. The lighthouse is also a great location to whale watch during winters. Some other attractions nearby include Camp Cove, Lady Bay and Watson’s Bay.

19. Bronte Baths

Bronte Baths
4.7 /5

A popular holiday location, Bronte Baths is a public rock pool located south of Bondi beach. Constructed in the 1800s, it is a beautiful bath suitable for a splash spree and sunbathing during weekends and holidays. Offering the best ocean views, it attracts a lot of crowds and is usually packed during the weekends. However, there are shallow parts of the pool where one can sit, relax and enjoy the stunning view of Bronte beach while also clicking a picture or two to show off.

20. Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art
4.4 /5

A renowned museum in Sydney for a collection of over 4000 contemporary artworks, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) features multiple exhibits of immersive art that keep changing every now and then. The MCA is popular for its collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, showcasing the history and story of Australia's first people. Some of the major and early collections of the museum include the Ramingining collection, Maningrida collection, Arnott's collection and Smorgon collection.

21. Art Gallery of NSW

Art Gallery of NSW
4.7 /5

One of Australia’s famous art museums, with over one million visitors every year, the Art Gallery of NSW has both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Visitors can view, listen and read about the story behind it for an immersive experience, not to mention their free guided tours. With Australian and International art on display, the museum has over 30,000 artworks with a rich history. The museum also provides eating and drinking options along with a gallery store to carry back memories home.

22. Strand Arcade

Strand Arcade
4.4 /5

Built in 1892, the Strand Arcade is a Victorian-styled retail shopping centre located in the Sydney CBD - a paradise for shopaholics. It offers a wide range of shopping, including but not restricted to fashion, health and wellness, technology, homewares, jewellery and art. There is also a good selection of speciality shops in the arcade, all in one location. There are also some great cafes to stop by and grab a quick bite and refreshing brew.

23. Palm Beach

Palm Beach
4.4 /5

Perched on the end of Sydney’s Northern beaches, Palm beach is a popular suburb in the city. Given its scenic location, it is a common spot for filming, and one can spot celebrities every now and then. The neighbourhood has multiple other beach-hopping beaches, including Palm Beach, Mona Vale beach, Bilgola beach, Whale beach and Paradise beach. Other main attractions to visit and experience here are the Home and Away set locations, Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Bible Garden, and Tony Henry’s standup paddling. There are multiple trails along the beach for a pleasant hike that one shouldn’t miss as well.

24. Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum
4.6 /5

Located in Ultimo, the Powerhouse Museum is one of the four branches of the Museum of Applied Arts and Science, focusing on various areas such as technology, arts, communication, media and much more. Founded in 18979, the museum is home to more than 5,00,000 objects, most of which are displayed throughout, including some of the oldest innovations such as the Whitbread Engine, Catalina Flying Boat and Strasbourg Astronomical Clock. There are also multiple informative events and workshops conducted throughout the year, so checking their website before visiting will help in planning accordingly.

25. White Rabbit Gallery

White Rabbit Gallery
4.6 /5

A private gallery featuring Chinese art, White Rabbit Gallery boasts four floors of beautiful Chinese work collected by Judith Neilson on his visits to China. The gallery changes its work every six months, making it a new experience twice a year. Home to more than 2000 artworks, they are pretty contemporary and unique, making it a paradise for people who love art. The gallery's ground floor is a beautiful tea house serving a wide range of Chinese teas and snacks.

26. Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House
4.5 /5

The Vaucluse House is a heritage museum in Vaucluse, New South Wales. Formerly a residence of William Wentworth, the house was renovated and refurbished to make it into Australia's first official house museum. Built in the gothic revival architectural style, the house has been preserved in its historic style along with the original gardens and woods it was designed with. Visitors can explore the interiors, kitchen, garden, and other grounds maintained beautifully and experience the native wildlife around the area. Step inside the house to experience the architectural marvel of the 19th-century design filled with beautiful paintings, housewares and artefacts.

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