This Cat Travels More Than You and Has 1.6M Followers!

1. Suki, the Adventure Cat, is a Bengal Cat from Alberta, Canada.

2. Suki Started Her Adventures When She Was Only 3 Months Old!

3. The Longest Suki Ever Walked By Herself Was a 4 km Trail.

4. Suki Loves Soaking in Her Surroundings - That’s How She Has Such Steady Photos!

5. Suki and Her Human Give Us Some Major Couple Goals!

6. Suki Was Born on February 2, 2017.

7. Suki’s Travelogue Includes 7 Hours on a Plane and 12 hours Straight in a Car.

8. Suki is Never Let Off The Leash By Her Humans. They Protect Not Only Her But The Wildlife Around Too!

9. She Weighs Around 6.8 kg and is a Big Girl!

10. She Has Been on Many Trips Across Different Landscapes!

11. Suki Also Travels With Her Own Litter Box As She Cares About the Environment.

12. She Loves Adventure and is a bit of a Daredevil Herself.

13. Suki, Of Course, Has Incredible Winter Travel-Fashion Sense!

14. Suki Loves Her Kitty Backpack and is a Graduated Catstrnoaut! 

15. Nobody Looks As Cute As Suki in Her Raincoat!

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