A Female Solo-Traveller’s Transformative Journey!

Have you ever imagined that travelling a country can change one's life? Most people travel for leisure, but it has been an age-old path to achieve spirituality for many. Rosie Gabrielle, a Canadian solo female traveller, may have never thought of it. She has recently revealed her story of changing her religion to Islam and her path of finding God. Rosie has also talked about the journey being an eye-opener for her to about world and people. 

Rosie Gabrielle and Her Sojourns

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Pakistan named TOP holiday DESTINATION for TRAVELERS FOR 2020 by @cntraveler !!!!!!! . . And I couldn’t agree more! Although I’m pleased to be amongst the many who have come in the last years to help change the perception of this country, my aim was never to improve tourism. I was pro humanity and was dedicated to showcasing the real heart of the people- this was my mission. . Earlier this year I got to meet the legend himself - Sir @imrankhan.pti ! Pakistan’s Prime-Minister. And I must commend him on his efforts, leadership and wellbeing he seeks for his Country. I think he said it best When he stated that the vision for his country was not to become another “Kathmandu”, full of major tour buses, massive hotels and mass tourism. He said the most important thing about Pakistan, and is the real gem of this country, is the people. And mass tourism will tarnish that. . If Pakistan is going to have a mass influx of tourism, it needs to start practicing responsible tourism and get a better handle on things. . I was devastated to see the state of Naran, the chaotic unstructured infestation of random hotels, garbage, and Hunza isn’t far from it. The land is showing severe signs of global warming with glaciers melting at record speed, and don’t even get me started on the zoo that Kalash has become. If Pakistan is opening it’s doors for the masses, it needs to do it the right way, or it will lose the very essence that makes PAKISTAN extra special- the people and beautiful land. . Don’t get me wrong- I completely agree that this country is the TOP place to visit- and you will see in my coming vlogs, you won’t even believe your eyes the beauty here! however, some things need to be adjusted in order for this to be a success without completely running this place to the ground or being a disaster. In my opinion Pakistan is not ready for this kind of tourism for many reasons. It lacks the simple standards for this type of operation and is only really accessible to more “experienced travelers” rather than the “relaxed holiday” type. . remote and tripod Location- one of the most Epic places I got to experience all to my self - DEOSAI

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Rosie Gabrielle hails from Canada and is a solo motorist who is inclined towards discovering places. Her first encounter with riding a bike was in North Thailand, and since then she hasn't looked back. She bought her first bike- 125 CC Honda in Chiang Mai on which she travelled through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.for over 12,000 KM. After returning home, she purchased a 1983 Honda shadow and decided to tour the world on her bike. 

Rosie prefers to travel solo, and before her trip to Pakistan, she had already travelled to 15 countries that encouraged her to embark on a journey alone. Her life though was not a bed of roses, and there were numerable moments of struggle. However, it was amidst this that she decided to turn to travel to gain happiness rather than to sulk in pain. Thus, her world expeditions started on her two-wheels. While travelling through Muslim countries for 10+ years, she also decided to change her religion to Islam.

The Magic That Unfolds with Travelling

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HUMBLED GRATITUDE . I never in my wildest dreams would have imaged the reaction I received the other day when announcing my decision to revert to Islam. The attention came as an overwhelming shock to me as I was flooded with messages and calls. I’m truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support as I start this new path in life. As I mentioned before- I already technically considered myself “Muslim”, having the faith and connection to God and creation I did on my life’s journey. . But this is a new chapter for me. In the sense that the fear and pain I held onto has finally dissipated and I’m free to walk the fully surrendered life, dedicating my heart and mind to fulfilling the most peaceful, conscious and righteous path. My public announcement was not something to gain attention from or build my following (I actually get overwhelmed easily by attention and makes me uneasy) It was a testimony and declaration to make myself accountable and have the whole world as my witness. With the intention and love in my heart, that I am now fully ready to commit everything in my being- to become the very best version of myself. . Many common questions keep coming in, which I answered previously on stories and a post, which included; . Will I change my name? No Does my family accept my path? Yes Will I choose a Sect? No Will I marry you? NO !!! Will I do Hajj/Umrah ? Yes, within the next year Will I wear A permanent Hijab ? No, it’s not compulsory Will I stop biking/touring? HECK NO! . Although the majority of comments were full of love and support, I also received a bit of backlash (to be expected) Mostly driven by fear,ignorance, and lack of tolerance, I was scorned with indignant preachings. . As humans, we are afraid of what we do not understand. Let me be that voice and example for all of humanity, bridging the gap, to truly understand what ISLAM is and to live a peace filled connected life, and InshaAllah, hearts will be softened and minds will be opened, for more peace, acceptance and understanding. To be a beacon of light for all. Ameen . Self portrait with tripod and remote . A kitten I rescued named skardu

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Rosie's spectacular Instagram works as an archive that reflects the journeys she has been a part of. She has been travelling right from the age of 19 and has visited several countries around the world. Since 2016, she started documenting her travels through India, Oman, Turkey, Africa, UAE, Nepal, Pakistan and a lot more. She spent 2019 travelling solo for 11,000 KM through Pakistan, which she identifies as a spiritual journey that helped her find her true self. Recently, she released a YouTube video about her travel experiences and spiritual transformation. 

The journey also helped her to recognise the self-healing potential that comes with travelling. For her, the religious transformation is also a big part of it as Islam taught her a lot about peace and love. Rosie said, "I wanted peace in my heart, forgiveness and the most profound connection with all. And thus started my journey. The universe brought me to Pakistan, not only to challenge myself to let go of the last remaining traces of pain and ego but also to show me the way. Through kindness and humbled grace of the people I met along my pilgrimage, inspired my heart to seek further," 

What Stands Ahead? 

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EID MUBARAK! For my gift to all of you- I made a very special video! Head over to my YOUTUBE channel now - “Rosie Gabrielle” or click the link on my profile. . So, what has life taught me? Through all my challenges, adventurous travels, to my highest peaks, and the depths of my lows, what it all comes down to- is LOVE. Loving ourselves and loving one another. We’re all in this crazy journey together. And if we can see past the muddled exterior and look beyond the depths of the soul in front of us, to see the very thing our hearts are reflecting. The magnificent light that lives in each and every one of us. To shine so brightly that they know, without a doubt, that they are loved. Without dignity, without affection and hope, it’s very easy for a person to blunder. The greatest gift you can ever give someone, is your love. Unfiltered, pure, unconditional genuine love. Isn’t that what we all want? To be accepted, worthy, to be loved. How easy is it to just be that light for someone, to show you care, really care. And what a difference it would make in their life. And how different would our world be, if everyone could be like this. With the depths of their being. Without judgement, without a reason, without hesitation. How different could our world really be? How can you change your life, and the lives around you. How can you love more deeply, fearlessly, recklessly. Ramadan may be over, but let’s carry our blessed intentions all year round. Let’s make it a point to live to our highest potential every day of our life and to continuously bless those around us, simply by giving them our time, attention and love. Wishing you all a Blessed Eid, and don’t forget to watch my special video

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Rosie aims to transform the wrong perceptions that people hold about the world, particularly about Pakistan. She states, "After my series in Oman went viral, I saw what a difference my videos could make especially for the Muslim community on an international level. This inspired me to want to come to Pakistan because I knew what a negative view the media has on the country, and I wanted to change that."

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