CZA Opens Kevadia Zoological Park on Trial Basis

As per the sources, the Kevadia Zoological Park and Safari have been opened by Central Zoo Authority (CZA) on a short trial basis starting 18th February 2020. The Zoological Park, situated around 2 kilometres from the Statue of Unity, sprawls over an area of approx. 375 acres and boasts of housing nearly 1,000 animal species, 62 bird species and more than 170 species of Fauna. The decision is expected to attract tons of visitors every year.

What Can You Expect To See at the Zoological Park?

Zoological Park
The Kevadia Zoological Park is situated on the banks of Narmada River and hosts different biomes from Africa, Australia, America and Asia. The Park’s design allows visitors to roam around freely on foot or in an e–Kart, capturing the sight of animals such as Tigers, Lions, Impala, Giraffes, Leopards and many others. The Park also comprises of two bird aviaries spread across 1.5 Ha area, where visitors may spot Indian and exotic bird species.

Reason Behind This Decision?

As per the sources, the Statue of Unity has outperformed Statue of Liberty in terms of visitor footfall, recording an average of 10,000 visitors per day. Opening of Kevadia Zoological Park on a trial basis near the Statue of Unity is aimed at estimating the visitor footfall at the Park.

Where Are the Safari Tickets Available?

Statue of Unity
You may buy tickets for safari trips in Kevadia Zoological Park from the website of Statue of Unity. The tickets are priced at nominal fares of INR 200 per Adult and INR 125 per Child.

With the Kevadia Zoological Park opening for a trial run, you can expect an official inauguration of the place in the near future. With such a fascinating place opening on trial near the Statue of Unity, are you excited to go for a Safari trip? Share your opinions and travel plans in the comments below!

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